Our friends at the Food Section tipped us off to the fact that there's been a rise in the number of home insurance claims involving kitchen accidents. According to the research done by Esure — an online home insurance provider — 14 percent of the accidents involved people trying new recipes. With fast chopping, deep frying and skewering being the most common causes. However, new recipes are not the only cause of kitchen accidents, and often something as mundane as a bottle of oil can cause great harm.

As a reminder to take it easy and pay more attention, I dug up this commercial from South African cellular company Cell C. In less than one minute a woman enters her kitchen, hits her head on a cupboard, slips and falls in some oil, catches her shirt on fire and electrocutes herself with the toaster. While it's extreme and over-the-top, it makes you think twice about kitchen safety. To check out the commercial for yourself just