One memorable highlight of the Food and Wine Classic was the Top Chef demonstration. Instead of featuring the winners or cheftestants, fans watched Tom Colicchio and Padma Lakshmi cook together. He made an asparagus, mushroom butter fondue and she made flautas. The dynamic duo was incredibly entertaining as they flirted, fought, and got a little drunk. It was so wonderfully amusing that we took an exclusive video to share with you!

After the demo, Tom and Padma answered audience members Top Chef questions. To find out the TC secrets they shared with the crowd,


  • Filming for Tom lasts five weeks. Filming for Padma lasts six weeks. Each episode is shot in two days: one day for the quickfire, the following day for the elimination challenge.
  • They judge each chef based on their last dish.
  • The judges have no interaction whatsoever with the cheftestants. If the chefs talk to Padma while shooting the quickfire challenge a producer will ask them to step away from the judge. The judges only know the chefs by their first names and only find out who they really are after elimination.
  • The cheftestants are put in a house and are forced to interact with each other. They have no phones, money, credit cards, books, televisions, radios, or any other contact to the outside world.
  • The guest judges who were invited on the show are friends of Tom.
  • When Tom first met Padma, he was skeptical and assumed she was no more than a pretty face. However, she impressed him with her food knowledge and eating abilities.
  • Padma says Tom spent more time in the makeup chair than she did because of his shiny head.