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Kraft's Macaroni and Cheese Has a New Look

The iconic blue box of macaroni and cheese has got a new look. Kraft Foods and design firm Landor Associates have revealed an updated package for the wildly popular Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. The box is still blue, but it has a noodle smile that will become an extension of the brand's new multimillion-dollar advertising campaign.

For well-known food products like Kraft's Mac and Cheese, a redesigned box can be a risky move. In 2009, Tropicana attempted to change its orange juice cartons but ditched the new logo due to customer backlash. However, I think the new look is fun and modern and have a feeling it will be a success. How do you feel about it?


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zef99 zef99 5 years
I have been eating Kraft Mac n cheese since I was 5 - at least once a week. I'm now 42. The recipe changed. Not just a little. It's gross. I haven't had it for months and won't eat that stuff anymore. The label says that the recipe hasn't changed - a big lie. Noodles are different (different shape, different size, different cooking time, different consistency), cheese is different (gooey, no need for butter or it gets real disgusting). I don't care about the new logo, I care about what's inside. And if you do change the recipe, at least don't lie about it. After 37 years, I'm out. So are my kids. Healthier anyway.
hummerseeker hummerseeker 6 years
Well, I don't give a flip about the packaging. Packaging changes on products all the time, but they messed with the quality of the product. First what I noticed is they changed the noodles. Okay, I can handle a differently shaped noodle, but it doesn't even taste the same. Now, let's talk about the cheese. In a word.....NASTY. I am so sad that they changed my beloved mac and cheese. But why? What they had was perfect, and I still crave it, but I refuse to buy the crap that's in the box now. So disappointed!
tdinah tdinah 6 years
I just wanted to add the noodles are different, and the taste is different so yes it has been changed not just the packaging. I don't care if the package has a lip licking picture on it. It is nasty, and I recommend you don't eat it. The only reason I bought it was I couldn't find the other kind well I'm not buying it anymore.
tdinah tdinah 6 years
I made it today, and it is gross. I couldn't even finish my plate, and my kids didn't eat much of it either. Big waste of money. Why did they have to change it? It was a whole lot better before. I'm sick of health food weirdos ruining good food. If it is going to be like this I'm never buying macaroni and cheese again.
millarci millarci 6 years
I like it! I think the old design was nice, but it is out dated.
SeptemberLights SeptemberLights 6 years
This look has been in my grocery store for awhile now...I dont really like it. Although the smiley face is cute is has a too similar feel to the generic brands and I miss the old design. Now if they go and redesign the sponge bob square pants box ill be pissed!
eatswimshop eatswimshop 6 years
I was looking for mac&cheese at the grocery store and I was so confused! I thought maybe they were out of the regular kind. I had to really examine it to figure it out. The noodle-as-smile thing is kinda cute, but I don't really think the old box needed updating.
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