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Kraft's New Kraft Singles Campaign

Kraft's Orange Slices Get Singled Out

You may be impossibly in love with ricotta, feta, and manchego, but Kraft Foods is hoping you'll give its signature orange slices another chance. According to Advertising Age, the food company has begun a major push for Kraft Singles, its synthetic-cheese line of American, Swiss, and Cheddar cheese slices. Although the brand's natural cheese sales have declined amid the recession, processed cheeses such as Velveeta and Kraft Singles have helped to lift the segment's sluggish sales numbers. As a result, Kraft will continue to focus on marketing its Singles products with a grassroots promotion.

For its National Grilled Cheese Month Sweepstakes, Kraft has launched an ad hoc website that encourages consumers to write short essays about why they love Kraft Singles, so they can be entered into a weekly drawing for free packages of Kraft Singles.

Kraft is also backing the Seventh Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational. Organizers of the world's largest grilled cheese competition, which takes place in Los Angeles later this month, expect to turn out 5,000 grilled cheese sandwiches.

I don't know about you, but I've always felt that tough times foster cravings for less than wholesome yet insanely delicious childhood favorites. Kraft Singles have a particularly special place in my heart, so there's no doubt that within the next thirty seconds I will be professing my love for them on How do you feel about Kraft Singles? Do you think this promotion will catch on?


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