If you've ever gone to Krispy Kreme and wished they offered large frothy frozen drinks to wash everything down, well you're in luck! They've just announced Krispy Kreme Chillers two refreshing fruity blends and six indulgent kremey blends. To learn more about the flavors,

  • ORANGE YOU GLAD - A tangy, refreshing blend of tangerine, mandarin and navel orange flavors
  • VERY BERRY - The perfect balance of tart and sweet with a hint of berry flavor
  • ORANGE AND KREME - A kremey combination of tangerine, mandarin and
    navel orange flavors
  • BERRIES AND KREME - A rich berry blend that will remind you of sweet
    vanilla ice cream topped with fresh berries
  • LEMON SHERBERT - A tangy combination of lemon infused with luscious key lime pie flavors
  • LOTTA LATTE - Unmistakable coffee flavor, like espresso covered in milk
  • CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE - A rich and kremey treat to satisfy any chocolate lover's craving
  • MOCHA DREAM - A delicious icy, kremey, frozen mocha

Mmmm... Donuts and frozen drinks, I can feel the calories piling on as we speak!

Source: PR Newswire