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Lake Champlain Chocolate Bar Flavors

Bite Into Lake Champlain's Newest Chocolate Bars

Why is it that many organic sweets fall short where it counts most: on the flavor front? Perhaps more effort is spent sourcing wholesome-leaning ingredients, and less on texture and taste, though one would hope that's not the case. Flummoxed by this question, we bit into four new varieties of organic chocolate bars from one of our favorite confectioners, Lake Champlain Chocolates, to see if they could stack up to (and even soar above) their conventional ilk.

Spoiler alert: they did, and then some. Keep reading to find out which of these stunning chocolate bars is right for you.

Lake Champlain Chocolates Creamy Coconut

Love the flavor of dried coconut, but find its stringy texture off-putting? Then meet your new favorite sweet: Lake Champlain Chocolates Creamy Coconut ($5), which, as its name implies, has a smooth filling that captures the essence of coconut without any polarizing leatheriness. Texture aside, we wished this bar was a hair heavier on the filling, but it generally received rave reviews from tasters, one of whom described it as heavenly, like a "fancy Almond Joy."


Lake Champlain Chocolates Salted Caramel

As usual, the combination of salted caramel and chocolate in Lake Champlain Chocolates Salted Caramel ($5) didn't disappoint. What made this bar particularly notable was its balance between salty-sweet caramel and dark chocolate shell; neither dominated. Overall, it reminded us of a chocolate caramel brownie in the best way possible.

Keep reading to find out what we thought of the rest of the line and for our favorite flavor.

Lake Champlain Chocolates Crunchy Granola

Our favorite of the bunch — no small feat, given the high standards of the line as a whole — Lake Champlain Chocolates Crunchy Granola ($5) won praise for its crisp texture and warm, balanced dose of cinnamon. In a perfect world there might be a bit more granola in the mix to amp up the crunch factor, but we'd happily munch through this "grown-up Crunch bar" any day.

Lake Champlain Chocolates Peanut Butter

Lake Champlain Chocolates Peanut Butter ($5) had a robust peanut butter filling, rather than one dominated by sugar, unlike most chocolate peanut butter sweets. Bite in if you're looking for a nuttier confection than the norm, or if you eschew Jif or Skippy for jars of "natural" peanut butter.

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