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Leaving a Restaurant Early

Let's Dish: What's Caused You to Leave a Restaurant Prematurely?

Usually when I'm looking for a bite to eat somewhere new, on vacation, or just a place I haven't researched beforehand, I ask for a menu before being seated to make sure it's something I'd be interested in. But there are those times when you get caught up and end up being seated and served water before you realize there's nothing you like. I hate having to awkwardly get up and walk out because I always feel slightly bad for leaving without tipping and for the obvious diss on the restaurant. However, when I've been seated just to have to wait 30 minutes for the server to return, I don't feel bad for getting up and leaving. Whether it's been because of the menu, poor service, or maybe something unpleasant like a hair in your food, have you ever left a restaurant early? What happened?

Source: Flickr User _Pek_

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