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Lemon Basil Kombucha

The following post was written by Betsy Haley, a member of POPSUGAR Select Food, whose delicious recipes can be found on BetsyLife.

When the weather heats up, I go in search of cold drinks to help cool me down (and vice versa for the winter, but that's for another blog post). This year, boring old water just isn't going to cut it. Water is fine after a workout, but when I'm laying poolside, I need something a bit fancier.

Recently a friend brought me a giant bag of lemons from her backyard tree. This triggered a summer drink epiphany which included some of my home brewed kombucha and a bunch of fresh basil from my backyard garden. Don't worry if you don't just happen to have all this stuff on hand (I realize its a regional thing), but all the ingredients should be readily available at your local grocer or health food store. 


If you're not familiar with kombucha, its a tangy, fizzy, fermented tea that's full of gut friendly probiotics. I've been brewing my own at home for quite some time, which is super easy to do, but you can easily just buy some at your local health food store. Kombucha is super versatile and can be flavored with pretty much anything from fruit juices to bloody mary mix!

What I love about this recipe is that you can make just one glass, or stir up a whole pitcher if you're entertaining a crowd! There's no added sugar, and it's totally bikini friendly. 

Lemon Basil Kombucha
1/2 c. fresh squeezed lemon juice (about 3 large lemons)
1/2 c. fresh basil leaves, torn plus additional for garnish
24 oz. unflavored kombucha
Lemon slices for garnish

Combine lemon juice, 1/2 basil leaves, and kombucha in a large pitcher. Chill for at least 1 hour or up to 2 days. The longer you let the ingredients stand, the stronger the flavor will become. When ready to serve, pour kombucha mixture into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with lemon slices and basil leaves. 

Source: Betsy Haley
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