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Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.1

Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.1

You know Gordon Ramsay and you've already met the contestants of Hell's Kitchen Season 4, but what did you think of the first episode? I'm incredibly disappointed. Since Ramsay is searching for a chef for his own restaurant, I hoped this season would be more serious than past years.

However, it ended up being like a bad April Fools' joke. It was uncomfortable to watch and I felt bad for the contestants. Watching them slip and trip around Hell's Kitchen was like watching a parody of Top Chef on Saturday Night Live. I miss the heroic, do-good Ramsay of Kitchen Nightmares. To discuss the episode in more depth, and check out my top five Ramsayism of the night,


Throughout the show, I kept asking myself is Ramsay really going to hire an electrician or receptionist to head his first ever Los Angeles eatery? Other questions I had are listed below, so let's talk over the episode.

  1. What did you think of Gordon's disguise?
  2. Is Bobby the most annoying guy or what? Weren't Jason's comments completely sexist?
  3. Isn't it funny when the diners in the restaurant get all pissy? Haven't they ever watched Hell's Kitchen?
  4. What was with the crappy captains?
  5. Don't you think the phrase "for the first time in Hell's Kitchen history" is totally over used?
  6. Did Louross nominate the right two contestants for elimination?
  7. Is it just me, or are the contestants strangely familiar? Bobby is an uglier Tre from Top Chef Season 3. Louross reminds me of Hung, also from Top Chef Season 3. Rosann could be Nikki from the current season of Top Chef's cousin. And Dominic, well he looks like Robin Williams.

Finally, if you missed the episode here are my favorite Ramsay quotes:

  • On Craig's oversized chef hat: Little boy syndrome downstairs?
  • On Petrozza's hen in a pumpkin: Let's see what we got for trick or treat, shall we? Right now looking at that mess, it makes me want to stick your f***ing head in there.
  • On Vanessa's horrible attempt to be a captain: Morning Vanessa, wakey wakey, get a grip.
  • On Matt's presence in the kitchen: He's standing there pissing his pants looking for his white chocolate caviar tartare crap.
  • On Louross stepping up as captain: Thank god someone has a f***ing set of balls.
    • Photo courtesy of Fox.

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