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Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.10

Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.10

Last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen started by removing all of the suspense from the previous episode. The challenge was interesting because it was the first time the chefs had to create solo dishes. The challenge winners' reward trip to Las Vegas — to spend time with last year's HK winner — was uninspiring and awkward. The dinner service was uncomfortable to watch as everyone except Bobby and Petrozza made major mistakes. To chat about the show,


  1. Wasn't it cute how Christina and Corey showed Louross some love, especially after he chose them as his top two contestants?
  2. What did you think of the individual challenge? And the winner?
  3. What was up with Jen taking Corey to Vegas? All I could think of was "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer . . ."
  4. Was Matt just blowing off steam or was he really going crazy?
  5. Was it a coincidence that after not getting along, Matt and Christina were told to work on the same station?
  6. Did Jen tell Christina to [under]cook her ribeyes for only four minutes?
  7. Was Corey's burnt hand an overreaction or a strange throwback to Vanessa?
  8. Was Ramsay right to shut down the "pathetic" kitchen service?

What was your favorite Gordon Ramsay quotes of the night? Here are mine:

  • On Petrozza's chicken breast: Wow! I've never seen someone do so much with a breast!
  • On Matt's performance in the kitchen: What are you saying there? You just gave me overcooked meat and now you're saying what? You're getting yelled out! You've got a migraine?! I've had one ever since you walked in here!
  • On Corey's performance in the kitchen: Show some sort of respect! You gotta snap out of it. Don't look at me like the back of a cow's side!
  • On Matt's apology for a bad dinner service: What I would really like to see is a little bit of manliness.
  • On Corey's apology for a bad dinner service: Right now I am not really interested in your emotions. I'm not Doctor Phil.

Photos courtesy of Fox.

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