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Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.11

Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.11

The battle to be Ramsay's executive chef is on! Last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen was an odd mix of bimbos, bloopers, and bad tempers. It was the first time in HK history that contestants taught non-chefs how to cook. It was also the first time the losers had to witness the challenge winner enjoy the prize.

I'll admit I was a little surprised by the outcome of the elimination; were you? To discuss this and more,


  1. Will Jen be her own undoing?
  2. Didn't you want to taste Ramsay's scrumptious-looking lobster pasta?
  3. Where did they find those trashy housewives Hawaiian Tropics models?!
  4. When the models walked in, whose drooling was more disgusting: Bobby's or Petrozza's?
  5. Will Jen ever be a team player?
  6. Who would you have nominated for elimination?
  7. Can you believe Petrozza has made it to the final four?
  8. Wouldn't it be fun if the final two were Christina and Corey?

And now, a few words of wisdom from good old Gordon Ramsay:

  • On being a great chef [Do you agree?]: That's the essence of becoming a great chef: becoming a great teacher.
  • On Bobby's burnt Wellingtons: Hey Bobby! What the f*** is that? Bobby yeah, look burnt on the bottom! And you haven't even trimmed the f***ing backs. F***ing wake up please.
  • On Jen's John Dory: Hello Jen? It's f***ing raw, it's raw yeah? It's raw! It's rubber! It's overcooked! First you undercook it, now you overcook it?!
  • On the dinner service: We completed the service, but here's the thing, it was too painful. And being the final five I seriously expect more.
  • On the final five contestants: One of you is going to be my executive chef at the London West Hollywood! [Are they really?]

Photos courtesy of Fox.

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