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Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.11

Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.11

The battle to be Ramsay's executive chef is on! Last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen was an odd mix of bimbos, bloopers, and bad tempers. It was the first time in HK history that contestants taught non-chefs how to cook. It was also the first time the losers had to witness the challenge winner enjoy the prize.

I'll admit I was a little surprised by the outcome of the elimination; were you? To discuss this and more,


  1. Will Jen be her own undoing?
  2. Didn't you want to taste Ramsay's scrumptious-looking lobster pasta?
  3. Where did they find those trashy housewives Hawaiian Tropics models?!
  4. When the models walked in, whose drooling was more disgusting: Bobby's or Petrozza's?
  5. Will Jen ever be a team player?
  6. Who would you have nominated for elimination?
  7. Can you believe Petrozza has made it to the final four?
  8. Wouldn't it be fun if the final two were Christina and Corey?

And now, a few words of wisdom from good old Gordon Ramsay:

  • On being a great chef [Do you agree?]: That's the essence of becoming a great chef: becoming a great teacher.
  • On Bobby's burnt Wellingtons: Hey Bobby! What the f*** is that? Bobby yeah, look burnt on the bottom! And you haven't even trimmed the f***ing backs. F***ing wake up please.
  • On Jen's John Dory: Hello Jen? It's f***ing raw, it's raw yeah? It's raw! It's rubber! It's overcooked! First you undercook it, now you overcook it?!
  • On the dinner service: We completed the service, but here's the thing, it was too painful. And being the final five I seriously expect more.
  • On the final five contestants: One of you is going to be my executive chef at the London West Hollywood! [Are they really?]

Photos courtesy of Fox.

Join The Conversation
AmberHoney AmberHoney 9 years
All I can say is I like Gordon Ramsay, especially Kitchen Nightmares but HK is a bit - um boring, childish, stupid - yet I still watch. Petrozza is the best entertain on there. Here's hoping next season (if there is one) is better. I'm looking forward to Top Chef tonight.
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
*1. Will Jen be her own undoing?* Yeah, and if she isn't gone next week I'll seriously consider avoiding the show next year. She's obviously being kept on for the "entertainment" value because she couldn't cook her way out of an easy bake oven. *2. Didn't you want to taste Ramsay's scrumptious-looking lobster pasta?* Yes - It looked DELICIOUS! *3. Where did they find those trashy housewives Hawaiian Tropics models?!* WHEREVER they found them, PLEASE send them back. Only the one that was working with Christina looked like she really wanted to learn. The others were complete fame wh***s. When Bobby said "She brought a dog into the kitchen" I about died! I couldn't believe that idiot. *4. When the models walked in, whose drooling was more disgusting: Bobby's or Petrozza's?* Neither ones, it was freakin' HILARIOUS! I mean come on, if you'd been sequestered with the likes of Jen< corey and Christina for that long, wouldn't YOU drool? *5. Will Jen ever be a team player?* No, she doesn't know how. Jen is a classic narcissist. *6. Who would you have nominated for elimination?* Jen, Jen and Jen. *7. Can you believe Petrozza has made it to the final four?*Yes and No, he's a good cook, he just needs to chill. *8. Wouldn't it be fun if the final two were Christina and Corey?* OMG YES! This is my DREAM finale! I don't think Corey is over rated at ALL and I think she'd be GREAT, but I really want to see Christina win it all.
shoneyjoe shoneyjoe 9 years
Hey freegracefrom. That was Bobby's second time - Louross chucked him up there week 1. Louross, incidentally, was the first best-of-the-worst (BoW) to go (from week 1, eliminated week 9), followed by Bobby (from week 4, eliminated week 11). While we're crunching the numbers, Christina's been BoW twice (weeks 3 and 11); Corey twice (weeks 2 and 6), and Petrozza twice (weeks 3 and 9) Jen has never held that distinction. There have been four weeks without a BoW (weeks 5, 6, 7, and 10), and week 3 was the only time there had been two (Christina and Petrozza). More interesting is that, up until the teams merged, one couldn't have been best of the worst without being on the losing team, which might explain why Jen has never held the title. Thus, the remaining guys stack up a little weirdly when you think about how often they've both been eligible *and* received the nomination for dismissal. For the purposes of the next data points, "not on the winning team" includes weeks where there was no winning team, as well as considering the combined team as not winning: Christina has *never* just lost. She's either been nominated by her peers (3 times), called out by Ramsey (once), or BoW (twice) and therefore unable to be eliminated. Thus, she's been nominated 100% of the possible times. Of the five times Jen has not won, she's been nominated three times, for a percentage of 60%. Of the five times Corey has not won, she was BoW twice, and has only been nominated once (by Ramsey), for a percentage of 33%. And of the many times (seven) that Petrozza has not won (remember, he was on the guy's team), he was BoW twice and has only been nominated once, by himself. That means that he's only been nominated 20% of all possible times. Since we're talking about Bobby as well, he lost seven times, was best of the worst once, and nominated twice. This means that he had a nomination percentage of 33%. Of these, Petrozza seems to be the strongest competitor, since he has managed to avoid the more perilous parts of the game. The fact that he nominated himself (as opposed to Corey's one time on the block having been Ramsey's doing) means that he hasn't pissed off enough people or attracted too much attention. I think he's got a lot more dark horse potential than a lot of people give him credit for. That said, stats don't amount for much in the reality TV show world, but it is an interesting list nonetheless. Too much time on my hands? This is what grad school does. The episode progress table on Wikipedia's HK4 entry is a great place to look all of this stuff up.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
1. I think so. you should know better than to talk back to Chef Ramsey and she kept doing it over and over and over again. 2. well...i'm a vegetarian so no, but i think that it was a nice addition to the menu. you can only see the same dishes soo many times. 3. LOL...well i guess you can find anyone if you send out a casting notice 4. I think that it's equal. i still don't understand why men get like that around girls. it's really interesting cause people just lose all sense of decency sometimes. 5. NOPE - she's in it for herself. she should remember that she's only been a garde mange chef in a restaurant so even if she can cook, she needs to take it down a notch and realize that she's going to be part of a team. 6. the same people i think. 7. well...with editing you never see him do much of anything, so i'm not surprised. i think that gordon usually kicks off ppl that he yells at a lot and if bobby hadn't screwed up so bad this time, he would still be there too since he's rarely in the mix of things. 8. i think that i would enjoy that one. especially after last week when ramsey said that christina didn't have enough experience.
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
Will Jen be her own undoing? I thought so but it doesnt look like thats going to be the case. For some reason Chef loves her more than he hates her. Didn't you want to taste Ramsay's scrumptious-looking lobster pasta? Oh heck yeah, looked divine! Where did they find those trashy housewives Hawaiian Tropics models?! More like Hawaiian Tropic Strippers. I wasnt impressed. When the models walked in, whose drooling was more disgusting: Bobby's or Petrozza's? Both! LOL Will Jen ever be a team player? No. Who would you have nominated for elimination? Jenn for sure. I am so tired of her!! Can you believe Petrozza has made it to the final four? I am very surprised. I sometimes forget hes even there, there no way he'll win. Wouldn't it be fun if the final two were Christina and Corey? That would be great! They actually deserve to be the final two. Jenn and Petrozza cant handle it.
freegracefrom freegracefrom 9 years
shoneyjoe - That's a good point about Petrozza only being on the chopping block once. I guess that shows he can be consistent anyway. Wasn't that Bobby's first time up too?
MarieLouise MarieLouise 9 years
Sorry - new to this...not sure why it posted before I was done twice! 8. I hope Christina and Petrozza make the final 2. I think Corey is a little over-rated. Christina is kind of annoying...but she's good.
shoneyjoe shoneyjoe 9 years
1. Lord, I hope so. That woman has skated through by the skin of her damn teeth TOO many times. I can't stand to listen to her voice, I can't stand to watch her mope. 2. I did. I'm a huge fan of lobster, and it looked lovely. 3. I don't know, but I'm not at all surprised that they did. Fox at its best. 4. When the models walked in, Bobby's was more disgusting. But the perv of the night might go to JP. Ew. 5. I only hope that she gets some sense knocked into her after the show's over. But for now? With these yahoos? Nope. 6. I would have nominated the same two. 7. Hell yeah, I think Petrozza deserves to be in the top 4. He's a smart cook and a gentleman who hasn't made any enemies. Petrozza's only been nominated to the chopping block ONCE, and that was when he nominated himself! Jen's been on the block three times, Christina's been on four times (once was when Ramsey called her out). And Corey's only been nominated once, but it was last week when Ramsey angrily called her out. 8. Yes, but it'd be more fun if Petrozza beat both of them. I know: probably not gonna happen. But I hope it does. As a former teacher, I had trouble with the characterization of what those five did as "teaching". It was more of being behind the scenes pulling puppet strings. If any of those five could then turn around and make the lobster spaghetti without the chef standing behind them guiding their every move, then I'd be impressed.
MarieLouise MarieLouise 9 years
I was shocked Bobby went home. Still can't believe Jenn is still standing. 1. It seems like Jenn is somewhat invincible. She makes a lot of mistakes, her attitude is abismal, and she just can't seem to take direction. On top of that, she's a liar and a cheat. I almost think she's being kept for ratings... 2. Yes! 3. The trashy housewives? Who knows. 4. Petrozza. I kind of wished they had made the playing field more even. Had some hot dudes for the 3 women, then 2 chicks for the men. Maybe Corey/Christina wouldn't have done so well... 5. Don't think so. If it was going to change, I think we would have seen a little progress by now. 6. I agreed with Christina...Jenn and Bobby. 7. I think Petrozza is great.
WineUnleashed WineUnleashed 9 years
Even my 11 yr old daughter says that none of the remaining chefs are competent enough to head up one of his kitchens.
jdots24 jdots24 9 years
I think Jen should have gone, or Patrozza, but not Bobby! Funniest moment of the episode: When JP walks into the glass door and GR yells at him. Oh the poor man. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard! The two of them seem have some strange symbiotic relationship. I love JP so much. And him trying to push the different foods...and then talking to the models... :P :P
freegracefrom freegracefrom 9 years
I was surprised by the outcome too... and disappointed. Will Jen be her own undoing? Considering she was almost kicked off, I think she might scale back the attitude a bit now. (I hope.) Didn't you want to taste Ramsay's scrumptious-looking lobster pasta? Yes! I've actually never had lobster before. Where did they find those trashy housewives Hawaiian Tropics models?! Ugh, bimbos everywhere on this episode. How cute was "JP" though? When the models walked in, whose drooling was more disgusting: Bobby's or Petrozza's? You mean the trashy housewives? I think they were equally gross in their behavior. Just simply having these ladies on the show at all made the entire television show a little disgusting, if you ask me. Typical of FOX reality shows, I guess. Will Jen ever be a team player? Doubtful. Too much ego. Who would you have nominated for elimination? Jen and Petrozza, I guess. At least (in my opinion) Jen and Bobby had the more difficult stations, but Petrozza doesn't really have an excuse for making as many mistakes as he did on vegetables. Can you believe Petrozza has made it to the final four? Not really - he's been flying under the radar the whole time, much like Bobby did. Wouldn't it be fun if the final two were Christina and Corey? I kind of hope it will be them. I'm not the biggest fan of Corey as a person, but she's right - when she and Christina get in the kitchen, they put their differences aside and get the job done. I appreciate that.
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