With the competition down to the final four, the stakes are high on Hell's Kitchen. Last night's episode was full of weighted silences, evil glares, and surprising compliments. The entertaining challenge tested the chefs' innovation and their ability to mass produce a specific dish. It was the smoothest, most successful dinner service to date. To discuss the elimination and more,


  1. Who did you think the special lunch guests were?
  2. During the challenge, why did Corey choke?
  3. Whose dish sounded the best?
  4. Did you notice when Jen took a bite of a leftover sandwich?
  5. Am I the only one who thinks a shopping spree with Gordon Ramsay would be fabulous fun?
  6. Weren't Petrozza's words about working together as a team heartwarming?
  7. Were you fooled when Ramsay said Corey's name first at elimination?

As usual, tough chef Ramsay had plenty of things to say. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • On Corey's empty plates during the challenge: Corey, can you get some f***ing food on the plate? Please! Before you and I have a f***ing fall out.
  • On Christina's new look: Now do me a favor. Shake out the hair and take the glasses off. There you go, you look like Elizabeth Hurley!
  • On Jen's inconsistent risotto: Jen the rice is mush. Have you switched off now? Your spoon is crushing the rice! Where's your risotto? Where is your spark?
  • On Christina's hot pot handle: Don't stop and look stupid like some thick cow! Christina the handle was over the flame, if it's over the stove at least say something, yeah? If a pan handle is over the f***ing flame, say something please!
  • On the final three contestants: Well at least give each other a kiss or a hug or something! I know Petrozza is fat, but he's not that ugly.

Photos courtesy of Fox.