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Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.13

Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.13

Last night the competition on Hell's Kitchen was intense: the final three contestants — challenge winning Christina, determined Corey, and tender hearted Petrozza — took turns running the kitchen. They had to recreate one of Gordon Ramsay's signature dishes based on taste and spent some time with their family members. To tell me your thoughts about the episode and check out mine,


  1. Was the mood noticeably more relaxed without Jen?
  2. Wasn't it cute how emotional the contestants got when they saw their family members? (Petrozza's dad was adorable!)
  3. Were you surprised Christina won the taste test challenge?
  4. Did they actually use the hand crushed ice?
  5. What did you think of Ramsay and the contestants' role playing?
  6. What happened to Christina at the dinner service?
  7. Who was the best at running the kitchen?
  8. Is it just me or does the phrase, "Yes, chef!" sound glamorous?
  9. Who should win?

Gordon obviously favors the final three because he had a lot of nice things to say! Here are some of his most memorable quotes:

  • On Christina's challenge win: I don't think we've had anyone win so many challenges back to back!
  • On the female's role in the kitchen: Nice girls don't make great chefs.
  • On taking control of the kitchen: When we get to dinner service tonight, you have to run it or else it will run you.
  • On tricking the chefs: Potential sabotages? Lumpy potatoes, we'll put basil in instead of mint, and we can leave the peas out of the risotto.
  • On selecting the final two: This is the moment I dread, honestly this is the bit I don't enjoy because somebody has to go home.
  • Photos courtesy of Fox.

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