It's down to the final two on Hell's Kitchen! This week there was no elimination as the contestants created their own menus, remodeled the restaurant, and jetted off to New York to compete. I greatly enjoyed the episode because it showed a much tamer Ramsay. Did you watch? To discuss in depth,


  1. Were you impressed Petrozza knew the color celedon green?
  2. Wasn't it cute when they got on Ramsay's private jet?
  3. How could Petrozza not know they were going to cook?!
  4. What did you think of Ramsay's executive chefs judging the challenge? (I loved it!)
  5. Were you surprised Petrozza won the challenge?
  6. Did anyone else notice that Christina was wearing a striped shirt while hating on the stripes in the restaurant?
  7. Didn't the returning chefs look like they had makeovers?
  8. Would you pick Matt or Jen to be on your team?
  9. Who knew: Whoopi Goldberg + Chef Ramsay = bffs?

Since there was no dinner service, Ramsay was in good spirits. He was full of compliments and treated the chefs with respect. However, he did manage to give them a couple of zingers:

  • On the final two: I'm nervous. I've got some serious concerns about your restaurant. I just need to know if I've made the right decision. Do I have the right finalists.
  • On leaving for New York: Hurry up! We're leaving!

Photos courtesy of Fox.