Didn't you think last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen got off to a much better start than the first episode? The contestants had to dig through garbage, fillet, slice, and portion a whole halibut — finally something a chef really has to do, prep halibut! — and cook dinner service. For winning the halibut challenge, the boys got alone time with Ramsay on a yacht. To see my thoughts on the episode and discuss it at length,


First off, I know I mentioned it last week but Jason is so sexist it makes me sick. After he made the Tupperware comment, I almost turned off my TV. I can't wait for Ramsay to nail him and send him packing. Now that I got that off my chest, let's dish:

  1. Was anyone else totally weirded out by the Double Dare-esque dig through the trash? Were the cheftestants not given enough time to change out of their pajamas and put on shoes?
  2. Didn't Gordon look super hot when he threw the whole halibut on the table and started cutting out perfect 6-ounce portions?
  3. What do you think of Jennifer? Was it OK that she was angry at Corey for losing the portion challenge?
  4. What about cry-baby Petrozza? Should he have been sent home for wanting to quit?
  5. Why wasn't Gordon pissed when Rosann said she had been holding tickets because she didn't want the kitchen to get too crowded?
  6. Were you surprised by Corey's strategic decision to not put up Sharon for elimination? Did she do the right thing?

And the part you've been waiting for, my favorite Ramsayisms:

  • On the chefs' appearances after digging through the trash: You better start giving a damn. Now go get in the showers, I'll meet with you in the kitchen. You stink.
  • On the importance of knowing the menu: Is it really that hard to know the menu inside and out? Eat, sleep, live, breathe it? I have 3,000 menus in my head! Now move your ass.
  • On Petrozza's failure to know the menu: You know, you're on the verge of making me look stupid.
  • On Sharon's presence in the kitchen: Sharon you are scaring me. You look like the female version of f***ing Hannibal Lector. Put your toungue in for God's sake.
  • On Sharon's presence in the kitchen, part two: You're not really a chef, are you? You're just a show girl with a big feather coming out of your ass.

Photos courtesy of Fox.