The women shone on last night's installment of Hell's Kitchen: they won the pasta challenge and completed the dinner service before the boys. It was the first time in Hell's Kitchen history that children were invited to dine in the restaurant. The menu featured kid-friendly foods like pasta, hamburgers, onion rings, and barbecued chicken. The simplified menu allowed the chefs to finally find a rhythm. To address some of the main issues of the episode — Ramsay often refers to the chefs lovingly as donkeys so wasn't it ironic when live donkeys were part of the kiddie entertainment? —


Let the discussion begin!

  1. Isn't it weird how many of the contestants were chefs in the past but have since moved onto other professions? Example: Ben used to be a chef and is now an electrician.
  2. Was the pasta challenge an unfair test of strength between males and females?
  3. In a real kitchen, does someone have to stand around and hold the pasta while it dries?
  4. Did anyone else notice the dated-looking paper doily underneath the sad onion rings?
  5. Was Vanessa over exaggerating the degree of her burn?
  6. Who should emerge as a leader of the blue, all-male team?
  7. Was Jen's performance worthy of Ramsay's praises?
  8. Was Ramsay being too hard on Ben?

And now, let's recall some of Ramsay's finest moments:

  • On the chefs' pasta-making skills: OK bloody good effort! I've seen more energy in the last 20 minutes than I have the last three services.
  • On Jean Phillipe's stuffy attire: Come here you, it's a family service. Take your f***ing tie off. You're like a f***ing stick. Walk straight you f***ing doughnut!
  • On Matt's barbecued chicken being sent to a child when it was still raw: Gentlemen raw chicken! Matt it's pink and bloody. Come here you. What the f*** are you doing? It's the tartare again with you, isn't it? F***ing donkey!
  • On the small, bad hamburgers the boys were cooking: Why are we cooking the burgers off so early?! They're like ice hockey pucks! Are we a fast-food joint now?
  • On Craig's performance in the kitchen: It's raw — so how long? He doesn't even answer! He's not giving me an answer. He is making me f***ing nervous, oh my f***ing god!

Photos courtesy of Fox.