Last night on Hell's Kitchen things started to heat up. The chefs clearly showed signs of stress and low morale. They competed individually, each making their own gourmet pizza. The girls won the challenge for the third week in a row, beef wellington was finally mentioned — I was beginning to wonder if Ramsay had taken it off the menu, the dinner service was completed, and Ben looked like a donkey, again. To discuss all of this and more,


I was surprised at how well the chefs did during the gourmet pizza challenge. I thought it was going to be another signature dishes disaster. Now let's talk:

  1. Do you think they had to make their own pizza dough? Or did Ramsay provide each chef with premade dough?
  2. Does anyone know what a ding-a-ling is? Where is this term from? Petrozza called Matt one and I found it insanely funny . . .
  3. Why can't the boys work together?
  4. Wasn't it ironic when Ben — who has a mohawk — was making fun of Louross' mohawk?
  5. Were you surprised by Vanessa's decision to leave Hell's Kitchen?
  6. Petrozza's meat-slicing trick: gross or acceptable?
  7. In your opinion, who is a better chef, Rosann or Christina?

In case you missed it, here's the best of Gordon Ramsay!

  • On gourmet pizzas: You take something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary and serve it for an extraordinary price. This is my white truffle pizza. Who would have thought there could be a $200 pizza?!
  • On Matt's crappy eggs: Ugh, they're like implants!
  • On Rosann's mashed potatoes: They're like piss cream, what is that? I don't know when you are going to think about waking up, but I hope it's soon. Can you stop tapping and do something? She gets confused over a f***ing vegetable. Rosann: not good enough!
  • On Jen's comment that she has the power to control her status in the kitchen: Let me just tell you something, that's my f***ing job chef!
  • On Rosann's performance in the kitchen: Madam, you completely screwed your team!

Finally, did anyone catch the very end of American Idol? Ryan Seacrest hilariously introduces Gordon Ramsay as the "nicest chef on TV."

Photos courtesy of Fox.