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Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.6

Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.6

Was last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen both the worst and best so far? The farmers' market challenge felt like I was watching Top Chef but the crazed teenage birthday party felt like I was watching My Super Sweet Sixteen. Did you watch? What did you think of the episode?

To discuss the boy's win, the overbearing mother, Matty's behavior, and everything in between,


  1. Were you surprised by the farmers' market challenge?
  2. Is there something totally wrong with Matt's palette? Sushi pizza on tortilla? Every week he comes up with a grosser dish.
  3. Were the boys right to ignore Matt?
  4. Wasn't it insane when the 16-year-old birthday girl, who lives in LA said she had never eaten shrimp?
  5. Corey. Louross. Hot tub. What the heck was going on there?
  6. Are you sick of everyone ganging up on each other?
  7. Were the mother, daughter, and party planner actually actors?
  8. Who performed worse in the dinner service: Rosann or Shayna?

What would an episode of Hell's Kitchen be like without the cursing, shouting, and questioning of Gordon Ramsay?! Here are his finest moments from last night:

  • On cooking for teenagers: Did we use the time wisely? Did we think about our presentation? Sweet 16 is all about trends. If it doesn't look good, they won't eat it.
  • On the boy's work ethic: Alright guys, get them in the oven! Why are you standing there pissing around with them?
  • On Rosann messing up the birthday girl's steak: Get out of the way! That's not medium well. Let me cook that. If you want to do a job good, do it yourself. Move away! Leave me alone!
  • On Shayna's performance: You're just too slow! Get a grip. I told her, I told her. Shayna wake up a little bit!
  • On Bobby taking over Matt's station: Why is Bobby over there? You're cooking? And he's running around wiping your ass! You did a f***ing good job of hiding. Are you going to run your f***ing station?
  • Photos courtesy of Fox.

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tiggerchick2 tiggerchick2 9 years
OMG, Matt pissed me off so bad!! He looked like he was actually going to cry a few times. Quit acting like a baby and do your job! It pissed me off when one of the other ladies(don't remember which one) said that Shayna was slow because she was overweight! That really pissed me off and offended me. Yes, she is quite slow but there are a LOT of overweight chefs. And the mother and daughter acted like uppity snobs.
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
Still have my money on Ben, though. That is, if I had any! ;)
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
Laughed my ass off over Fransisco, the party planner. He was flame-ier than anything that has ever transpired in the entire Hell's Kitchen series combined! ;) Actor or no, he was a hoot! And then there is Corey. Out of 6 episodes, she has tried on 2 of them to use her body to get to the figurative top. Girlfriend is what, 25 years old? Her nipples have about five years before they start racing one another toward her ankles. If you have REAL talent, you don't need to resort to that crap. I'd be surprised if Chef Ramsay didn't eventually call her tactics in to question. Until next week, Bon Nummies! :)
lexichloe lexichloe 9 years
These days reality shows are made up of real, delusional people, and actors. You guys are spot on that the mom, daughter, and party planner were actors.
chibarosa chibarosa 9 years
I agree about Melissa, her mom, and the party planner - they had to be actors. When the mom rushed into the room when they were decorating it and created chaos over the red and blue plates "It's not how I envisioned it" - HELLO! Ever watched an episode of HK? You get red and blue plates. I didn't feel that any of those three people were genuine. Matt is such a child. He threw tantrums a few episodes back when they lost a challenge, he whines constantly, and he suggests the kookiest food combinations. And now he's going to pull down the girl's team. He needs to go. Matt should have been kicked out last night instead of Shayna. I felt bad for her. I don't think that the fact that she left a newborn baby at home to join the contest should have been a factor in Gordon's decision, but I think it was - he has a soft spot for kids, having 4 of his own, and I think the thought of leaving such a small baby at home tugged at his heart strings. I like Rosann, but the show has been edited to make it look like she's screwed up the past two episodes. I'd hate to see her go. Corey is a manipulator and I can't wait until she gets her comeuppance. Comeuppance!!!
LaLa0428 LaLa0428 9 years
Me too, I have never heard of a 16 year never having shrimp in her life. Seriously? And I was thinking the same thing ilanic. I didn't eat at my prom because we had a menu with cicken wings on it.
verily verily 9 years
The shrimp thing astounded me too. Aren't all kids in love with popcorn shrimp? As little kids, we loved it when my mom made shrimp 80s. :P Maybe she freaks out easily over "ugly" foods.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
um..first question - WHERE DID THEY FIND THAT GIRL? what 16 yr old hasn't had shrimp ever before? especially living in LA and if she was having this big party - i'm just in shock. as for the menus that were created - i feel like no one really knows anything about girls. what 16 yr old dressed in a really nice party dress w/ make-up and hair done would want wings that are messy? really?
tarabara1229 tarabara1229 9 years
Oh and your crazy obsession with raw food need to go! I thought it was really funny when he overcooked the halibut and Chef Ramsay said something like: "Out of all people!"
shoneyjoe shoneyjoe 9 years
1. I was, a little. I thought it was interesting, but that's twice in two episodes that the chefs have been asked to think independently, and yeah - it's getting a little old. You're quite right that it sounds a little too Top Chef-ish. Each season, one of the judges on TC end up complaining that 'this is called Top Chef, not Top Cook'. Hell's Kitchen *is* Top Cook. 2. Matt's palette? Hilarious. Visions of exotic tartare all over again. 3. Tact is about getting across what you have to say. He doesn't have it. He just whines repeatedly, and it's pretty hard to listen to. Plus he's got the most obnoxious accent ever. 4. I know a 25-year-old who's never had shrimp. But he keeps kosher. Who the hell is this girl? Shrimp is the one fresh seafood Americans eat with any regularity. That she'd never eaten shrimp and didn't like asparagus signaled that holding the party at Hell's Kitchen definitely wasn't her idea. 5. In the words of Antonia on Top Chef, that made me want to vomit in my mouth. I was a fan of Corey's for a while. Not anymore. 6. If I were sick of everyone ganging up on each other, I wouldn't be watching Fox now, would I? 7. I really hope so. That was painful. That party planner in particular was the single worst stereotype I've seen on TV this year. 8. During the dinner service? Rosann. Shayna was slow, but most of the problem ended up being in her prep work first. Some thoughts of my own: I cannot believe that Corey made that crack about her being overweight and therefore not that fast. But now that I'm not rooting for Corey, there aren't any women I'm pulling for anymore - none of them are sympathetic. I really liked Vanessa, and it's a shame she couldn't continue. I guess I'm going for Petrozza. He's a complete idiot, but gosh darnit he's likeable.
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