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Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.9

Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.9

Now that there are fewer contestants, Hell's Kitchen has finally begun to take itself seriously. However, for me it's a little too late. I'm sick of the dramatic antics and every episode feels the same — the steak is raw, the pasta is bland, and Jen acts like a self-centered brat. Timing, communication, and innovation were key elements of last night's show. To chat about it,


  1. Would Matt make a better cars salesman than chef?
  2. Do you think Gordon Ramsay ever makes things up? Like the blue team's scallops being raw...
  3. Wasn't it cute when Louross attempted to make the punishment fun?
  4. Did the red team work better because they were a threesome and they had time to relax?
  5. Was this filmed an entire year ago? Their menu dishes featured ingredients — mainly strawberries — seasonal to Spring.
  6. Gordon. Jean Phillipe. The Pacific Ocean. What!?
  7. If it was her dish, why wasn't Christina making the parpardelle?
  8. Have you ever sent a dish back for being tasteless?
  9. How do you feel about the teams going back to girls vs. boys?

HK wouldn't be the same without bad boy chef Gordon Ramsay. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from last night:

  • On the blue team's Jen influenced menu: Let me tell you something! That menu sounds hideous. This menu needs to be upgraded with excitement.
  • On Matt's salty pasta: Matt! You're dripping sweat, into the parpadelle, so much its salty now!
  • On Matt's behavior in the kitchen: Why is he behaving like a baby? What, did you order a diaper?
  • On Matt's bland pasta: Hey slime! Come here, eat it that was disgusting!
  • On Matt's sweatband: Matt! Take the bandanna off. This is not the Simpsons, Homer.

Photos courtesy of Fox.

Join The Conversation
zombielove zombielove 9 years
im bummed to have Louross not be there anymore, I thought he was all kinds of adorable.
mswender mswender 9 years
If you looked at the Blue team's scallops you could see that they were raw on the inside. I can't listen to Jen and her whining and her bad grammar anymore!!!!
devils devils 9 years
shoot - my answer for number 9 - should say eight...not a smilie face lol
devils devils 9 years
1) No - unless he is a manager. I don't think he could take the pressure knowing their are other people above him. 2) He exaggerates I'm sure. I don't think he completely makes it up though. If they're cooked they're cooked, if they're not, they're not. 3) It was funny lol 4) I think it was because the 2 girls knew they had Matt to boss around, and didn't have Jen on their backs 5) Who knows lol 6) What what?! 7) I don't now, and if I was Christina, I would have made sure I took full responsibility of my dish. It was her idea, her recipe and I'm sure she has made the dish more than once before. All of that would have helped it come out better, and quicker. 8) Nope, I ate it :) I only give it back if it's really raw or something like that. 9) I think the whole girl vs boy idea is ok in the beginning, but once they get down to a certain amount of chefs, (say 8), the teams should be strictly blue vs red (not girls vs the boys), and the 2 teams should be made at random by Ramsay.
Livvy-P Livvy-P 9 years
Matt gives me the creeps in the worst way. He always has that fussy baby look on his face! I can't stand it. My 3 year old is more mature than him. And I agree with mom2ross - Corey was so much more tolerable with Jen on the other team. I CAN'T STAND Jen. I mean, can't stand her. When she was complaining about being blamed for losing the challenge, saying it wasn't her fault, she only forgot to put the sauce on??? WHAT? GR just said that was the REASON Blue Team lost the challenge! She is so freaking smug for a short order cook! I just can't see any of these wanna-be's becoming the Exec Chef for GR's restaurant! The only chef who comes close is Petrozza, and I just can't see that happening, since he is such a slob & that drives GR nuts. Corey & Christina are too young with not enough experience, Bobby is an oaf, who hasn't proved that he has any talent yet, Matt - ew, and Jen is just a short order cook who does not have the experience, personality or talent. But that is just my opinion!
LaLa0428 LaLa0428 9 years
Matt was dripping sweat, it was disgusting!!! I started off liking Jen, but I'm ready for her to go now. I think Matt's going next, he cannot cook and Gordon should send him home based on his eyebrows alone.
Ikandy Ikandy 9 years
Ive been waiting for Matt to leave forever, I try to turn away whenever his face is on camera...too creepy...and the salty pasta... :SICK:
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
1. i don't think that he'd be overly successful at either in my opinion 2. I think that there are times that he's being overly subjective depending on which team he wants to win, but you can see raw vs cooked, so i'm sure things like that he can't really lie about. salty vs bland etc...he might 3. oh yea - really cute. he's kind of annoying - so i tune him out 4. i don't think that being a threesome really helped. i think that the girls communicated better. on the blue team, i really don't feel like bobby does anything, and jen was just getting on everyone's nerves. 5. just because something is seasonal doesn't mean that they have to use it. i'm sure shows like this have a big budget, and we didn't get a close up on the produce to know what kind of quality it was. we can assume that it's great but you don't really know 6. i guess their fun in the ocean was to make them more human? 7. probably to stir up drama - that's why she didn't cook it. it probably would have been 'too easy' for them to let her do it. 8. no - i've salted the heck out of it if it were tasteless. remember that these patrons CAN'T possibly be real customers, so they do things as they are told. 9. i don't think that it really matters anymore. there really isn't a super clear cut winner - so we'll just have to see. i think that the girls want jen gone, and the boys want matty gone..
doogirl doogirl 9 years
My answers to your questions Yum! 1. Matt confuses me. He's inept in the kitchen, but he always stands up for himself really passionately during the elimination rounds. 2. I think Gordon Ramsey knows what he's talking about. 3. At least Louross wasn't blaming Jen for screwing up by talking crap, like she did in last week's punishment. 4. I have no opinion on the red team, they worked well together because they're women (Matt just acts like one.) No offense to women! 5. I have no idea when this was filmed. 6. It was cute to see Gordon Ramsey and Jean Phillipe being goofy. It's not always tense! Plus, it was funny to watch JP get mad and throw the towel at Ramsey! 7. Maybe Christina was stronger on her station than the parpardelle station. 8. I've never sent a dish back, ever. I think it's rude. But then I've never had raw meat or scallops served to me either. If something didn't have enough salt, I'd add to it. Duh! 9. All I know is that Jen needs to get out of there! Then Matt! Then it'll be an interesting show. I'm rooting for the women!
mom2ross mom2ross 9 years
Matt has been cartoon-looking creepy to me since I first saw him. His permanently angry eyebrows are ridiculous. But now that he can't stop smiling? He's even creepier!! He couldn't even get the surfer phrase right - he says "Hang loose" while giving heavy metal horns!? I would have rather had Louross for another week than him. Did anyone else notice the unexplained brown hand prints on the back of Jen and Bobby's jackets while they were outside cleaning? Hmmmm... I really hope Jen goes home soon. With her on the men's team, Corey was starting to become tolerable. Okay, I'm done with my rant...
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