Now that there are fewer contestants, Hell's Kitchen has finally begun to take itself seriously. However, for me it's a little too late. I'm sick of the dramatic antics and every episode feels the same — the steak is raw, the pasta is bland, and Jen acts like a self-centered brat. Timing, communication, and innovation were key elements of last night's show. To chat about it,


  1. Would Matt make a better cars salesman than chef?
  2. Do you think Gordon Ramsay ever makes things up? Like the blue team's scallops being raw...
  3. Wasn't it cute when Louross attempted to make the punishment fun?
  4. Did the red team work better because they were a threesome and they had time to relax?
  5. Was this filmed an entire year ago? Their menu dishes featured ingredients — mainly strawberries — seasonal to Spring.
  6. Gordon. Jean Phillipe. The Pacific Ocean. What!?
  7. If it was her dish, why wasn't Christina making the parpardelle?
  8. Have you ever sent a dish back for being tasteless?
  9. How do you feel about the teams going back to girls vs. boys?

HK wouldn't be the same without bad boy chef Gordon Ramsay. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from last night:

  • On the blue team's Jen influenced menu: Let me tell you something! That menu sounds hideous. This menu needs to be upgraded with excitement.
  • On Matt's salty pasta: Matt! You're dripping sweat, into the parpadelle, so much its salty now!
  • On Matt's behavior in the kitchen: Why is he behaving like a baby? What, did you order a diaper?
  • On Matt's bland pasta: Hey slime! Come here, eat it that was disgusting!
  • On Matt's sweatband: Matt! Take the bandanna off. This is not the Simpsons, Homer.

Photos courtesy of Fox.