Last night on Hell's Kitchen, Christina and Petrozza faced off in a culinary showdown. Each had to run the pass, manage their team, and control the quality of the food. It was fun to see the old contestants up to their usual antics in the kitchen and it was lovely to hear the kind words Gordon Ramsay had to say about the final two.

To chat about the finale and the (spoiler alert!) winner,


  1. Were you surprised Petrozza picked Jen?
  2. Who had the stronger team?
  3. Whose restaurant design did you prefer: Christina's elegant bistro or Petrozza's rustic clubroom?
  4. Were you shocked when Jen asked Chef Ramsay for a letter of recommendation?
  5. Whose menu was more exciting?
  6. Didn't Petrozza's lobster strudel look unappetizing?
  7. Who was worse in the kitchen, Matt or Jen?
  8. Was it just me or was the ending, totally climatic anti-climatic?
  9. Did Christina deserve to win?
  10. Did you get emotional when Ramsay hugged loser Petrozza?
  11. Overall, what did you think of this season?

Oh Gordon, I will miss spending my Tuesday nights with you! Here are some of my favorite Ramsayisms from the season finale:

  • On Petrozza's appetizers: We can't run out of strudel and the frisee salad! We can't take two of the appetizers off. This is your f**king night you.
  • On Christina's slow kitchen: Look all this food over here! Come on now we're backed up now. Christina step up please, yes?
  • On Matt's monkfish: It's raw in the middle! Matt how can you do that to her? I can't stand here and let that go! You're f**king useless, come here you listen to me f**k face. Would you mind shutting the f**k up and concentrate, yes?
  • On Christina's control of her team: Hey look at me right now. You have one awkward fish in your kitchen. Organize it!
  • On ending HK: I feel like I've been on a roller coaster for the last 3 months. Out of all of the seasons this has been the most crazy ride. But now its time for me to get the f**k out of Hell's Kitchen.

Photos courtesy of Fox.