In the first half of this season's finale, we went from four Top Chef contestants, to three. It was a real treat of a challenge with loads of fresh Puerto Rican produce, and some high stakes drama. It was a fun watch, but the end might not please a lot of you, so let's start talking about it. Did you watch? Tell us what you thought in the comments! To check out my talking points,


  1. First of all, Lisa's new hair-do: Love it or hate it?
  2. The tropical fruit spread looked great, but do you remember the one from Hawaii in season two? This one was nothing compared to that one, no?
  3. Did you see the scene where Richard nearly caught fire? At first I thought it was a weird CG effect.
  4. Would you eat that pig on a spit?
  5. Stephanie said she tried to pair chefs and sous chefs who got along well. Do you think that was true?
  6. Have you missed Andrew's one-liners?
  7. How awful would you have felt if you were Dale? Also, weren't you impressed with Stephanie's ability to keep cool and go with it?
  8. How is Richard going to get that car home from an island? More seriously, how did you feel about his win?
  9. Were you surprised to hear that Antonia was going home?
  10. What do you think about Lisa's congratulations comment and Richard's bronze medal comment? Do you think it was bad form for them not to say congrats, or do you think it was bad form for her to call it out?
  11. What have you thought of this season so far? Who are you rooting for?

Photos courtesy of Bravo