Last night the Top Chef cheftestants spent the night at the zoo. You've taken the quiz and now it's time to discuss. Was this episode as good as last week's? I've got a list of questions to dish out after the jump — warning there are spoilers! — so read through them and tell us what you think. To join the discussion, just


  1. Do you like that the quickfire winner gets immunity?
  2. Would you have bought the frozen meat at the market?
  3. Were you surprised that neither of the challenges played on the fact that guest judge Wylie Dufresne is a molecular gastronomist?
  4. Were you shocked to hear that Team Bear didn't taste their mushrooms before serving? Would you have let the judges taste those mushrooms?
  5. Don't mean to be catty, but does anyone else think Erik needs a little presentation help?
  6. Were you surprised that Andrew won?
  7. Do you think the right person went home?
  8. And finally, who are you rooting for now?

Photos courtesy of Bravo