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Let's Dish: Top Chef 4.3 — Let's Have a Party!

Let's Dish: Top Chef 4.3 — Let's Have a Party!

In the latest episode of Top Chef, the cheftestants found themselves cooking up a feast for a suburban Chicago block party. They went "shopping" in the pantries of the locals, and were divided up in teams to do so. Both the red and the blue didn't fare so well, and I admit, it was pretty compelling watching them make mistakes and drink beers. I've got a list of questions to address — warning spoilers after the jump! — so read through them and tell us what you thought about this episode. Join the discussion, just


  1. Were you as frustrated as I was that they didn't show everyone's quickfire creations?
  2. Did you see Manuel's face when he wasn't called in the top of the taco quickfire challenge?
  3. Rick Bayless: Love him or hate him?
  4. What did you think of the elimination challenge? Did you like that they went shopping in the neighbors' pantries?
  5. Were you surprised that they got to pick their own teams?
  6. This week's permanent judge was Ted Allen, do you prefer him or Gail?
  7. Which team did you think was going to win? Which meals did you want to eat?
  8. Were you pleased that Stephanie won the challenge? Do you think she'll go all the way?
  9. Were you surprised that Erik left? I was pretty sure they were going to ask him to pack his knives, but thought they might have asked Zoi. Although I must be totally catty and say once again, his plating could have used a little bit more finesse, don't you think?
  10. Who are you rooting for now?

Photos courtesy of Bravo

Join The Conversation
skilledatlife4 skilledatlife4 9 years
I do think Stephanie will go all the way.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Spike scares me...
sumbum sumbum 9 years
Oh and Rick Bayless' facial hair weirds me's totally blond compared to his brown hair!! It doesn't match!
sumbum sumbum 9 years
Ugh, I am totally NOT liking Andrew & Spike. First of all, I can't stand those stupid hats Andrew wears. Sure, it goes w/ his "look", but I just think he looks like an a$$. Secondly, what was with Andrew's reaction at judges table? Can we say CRAZY? I agree ESPNgirl, I thought the judges were going to react to his "I'm not going anywhere" speech. I'm sure Padma & Tom must've had some comments to that, but they probably cut it out in editing. I think the next person who should go is that lady who's dishes always suck...last week the unservable mushrooms and this week's mac & cheese. She's terrible.
nancita nancita 9 years
I think Erik deserved to go. It seems everything he has made so far has been somewhat disastrous and sloppy. Also, I love how he said he didn't "get" high-end Mexican food....aaaand yet, for his souffle challenge, he made high-end nachos basically. So glad steph won! I hope she wins. Tho it was funny that she won without really cooking a dish.
kiddylnd kiddylnd 9 years
Okay - the judges at first told the Blue Team they won but JUST BARELY. Yet when they talked to the Red Team they acted like they were far lower than the Blue Team. They ripped them a new one! I was rooting for the Red Team as I thought they rose more to the challenge. It was to serve for a block party with kids. I'm sorry Ted, but making food taste good DOES NOT mean that everyone will like it - or try it. Kids won't eat something they think looks gross or complicated. At any rate, I was SORELY disappointed with the Red Team's reaction to the judges. It was beyond unprofessional. It was obvious though that a corn dog would not transport and as I said last week: How do they not anticipate things like crisp warm dishes getting soggy?! I think the right person went home overall. Also - I second Bluecanary's sentiment. Why two weeks in a row are we doing team challenges? This is TOP CHEF. Not TOP TEAM OF CHEFS or as she more eloquently put it TOP CATERER. BOO.
ChicaCity ChicaCity 9 years
my cable cut out right at the end of the quickfire challenge and came back in when everyone was in groups! from what it sounds like though, the quickfire was disappointing because they didn't show everyone's dishes anyways!
gabiushka gabiushka 9 years
Dont watch this show. Love Rick Bayless because he has passion.
Designgirl Designgirl 9 years
1. Yes- I love to see the food! This is why I watch cooking shows! 2. Yes-I get that he was upset, but Richard's use of jicama was really creative, and it almost had an asian look to it, which seems to go well in more upscale restaurants-very clean 3. LOVE I love his TV shows, and his food always looks so good. I know he looks a little creepy, but I like to watch him! 4. I didn't really like that they had to go into other people's home and grab their food. I wonder if they knew about this beforehand? It would be quite a shock to find 8 chefs and a camera crew at your door asking for food! lol 5. Not really-they've done it before. I just wonder how the dynamic will play out with Zoi and Jennifer. I like them both, but I would hate for a competition to drive a wedge between them. Zoi reacted pretty strongly to the judges' comments last night, and you could see how much it hurt Jennifer just to be in there and listen to them-it's going to get rough for them, I think, but I really hope they make it! 6. I love Ted! Loved him since Queer Eye-I think he always has really insightful things to say, and he's very tactful in how he criticizes. 7. I was kind of shocked the team with all the salads won (can't remember which color). I would have thought the judges would comment on 3 salads on their menu. Seemed a bit much. 8. I was kind of shocked she won. I consistently like Antonia's, Jennifer's, and Richard's food-it always looks so good-I'm shocked they don't win more-I guess we'll have to see! 9. Not surprised at all. Eric's stuff always looks a little rough. I'm sure it tastes fantastic, and you know those corn dogs were probably awesome right out of the fryer, but he seems to not understand the point of Top Chef. He needs to be able to do things outside of his comfort zone. And I thought it was a little arrogant to pitch a fit about the taco being street food, and they he couldn't do anything with it. It seemed more like a lack of creativity to me. Plus, you gotta know if you're doing mexican for Rick Bayless, you have to step it up a bit. lol 10. Antonia, Richard, Jennifer
SugarCat SugarCat 9 years
Bayless reminds me of Stephen King. And yeah, I hope Stephanie wins. Also, poor Trey. I am still not over that one! :(
ESPNgirl ESPNgirl 9 years
I was very irritated that we didn't see everyone's quickfire dishes - isn't that what the show is about? the food? I love seeing the plating. 2nd, I have to admit, for a split second, I really thought they were going to say, "Well, your dishes suck, but Andrew, your snapping at us and arrogance was too much that you have to go home." I would be sad though, because I secretly love crazy, quirky Andrew. And Spike & his pretentious butt, but mostly, his hat. He reminds me of Brian from last season. When Andrew was standing there twitching while they were criticizing, I thought he was going to explode at any given moment. I mean, he's always twitching when he's nervous - I just think it's plain awesome. I felt sad for Manuel - it must've been kinda disheartening that he wasn't able to be in the top 3 for taco making, since it sounds like he had more experience in that area. What's with Ryan being in the bottom two 2ice looking at elimination? For someone who has been cooking since he was 11, he has yet to impress me. As Andrew said (and my friend pointed out in the 1st ep), he's the pretty boy - he won't be leaving just yet.
silverpenny013 silverpenny013 9 years
It was so frustrating that they didn't show all the quickfire dishes! There are still too many people to try and get all their names down, and then they go skipping around? I thought the red team would win because there's a difference between, "this is better than what they would have had if we didn't show up" (I couldn't believe... who was it? Fauxhawk dude? said that! So full of himself!) and making the classics that everyone will love really well. I guess they didn't make them well, so... there you go. The editing is a really interesting point. At one point, some guy said that he didn't want to be on the same team as the quickfire winner because everything balances itself out. I thought that was a clue that the blue team would win. Then, they showed the red team so confident and everything and the blue team all dejected and everything went wrong. It's like the editors finally realized that some things were becoming really predictable and tried to mix it up. Though... maybe not because I guess this would be a typical formula: show the losing team as the winners the whole time and "surprise" you with the actual outcome. I was, however, amused at how surprised the red team was to lose! I knew Erik was up for elimination the minute he said, "Mexican doesn't go with fine dining." I even said to my girlfriend, "Oh, he's going home," right after that. But I did start to second-guess myself toward the end there. Oh, and I mostly like Rick Bayless. When he talks, I can tell that he really loves Mexican cuisine. The way he talks is a little slow and kind of sounds like he's talking to down to everyone... but I think he's mostly just excited and doesn't have a better way to show it. Or at least I hope so.
cupcake345 cupcake345 9 years
Rick Bayless creeps me out and I don't know why.
anniekim anniekim 9 years
bluecanary--Good point about the editing, it surprised me, too. Even though the blue team looked stronger to me, it seemed that the judges and neighborhood like the red team better. The show does keep the viewer guessing.
anniekim anniekim 9 years
I thought the blue team had the overall stronger chefs. Their choice not to talk down to the neighborhood was what ultimately won them that challenge. Stephanie deserves to go far--she combines a friendly team work style with innovative dishes and polished execution--but it's too soon to tell. Based solely on the challenge Zoi could have gone home as easily as Erik. However Erik has consistently exhibited an equally bad attitude and presentation; so I think it he was the right choice to go. Anyway, he's an executive chef in Frisco--he'll be fine.
bluecanary bluecanary 9 years
*I was surprised by *which team* won. Not that Stephanie won. That's where the magical editing came in.
bluecanary bluecanary 9 years
I feel like this show is turning into "Top Caterer" instead of "Top Chef"! Seriously over the group cooking and transporting. The so-called shopping in the neighborhood felt too set up to be interesting. I was surprised by who won, but I think that was the magic of editing. I wasn't too surprised by who lost though. Didn't they learn the lesson about transporting fried food last week? Again I say-duh. I like Stephanie. She seems talented, quiet, humble. Glad she won. And yes, the feminist in me would like a woman to win Top Chef. :)
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
1) i feel like people could have been more 'upscale' and interpreted the taco more. the winner was really the only one who made something that wasn't easily your classic street food taco 2)yea - some people think that they should win...i guess not ever chef is a top chef 3)i'm on the fence about him and i have been for a while. i've seen him on the food network and i want to like him but there's something about him that rubs me the wrong way 4) i think that it was ok for them to 'shop' in the neighborhood's pantry as long as the show reimbursed the families for the food. i know that's a weird thing to say but i know that my hard earned money goes to buying food o to have it ripped from my house even for a good cause, i would hope that they got $$ for it 5) no - it's normal for them to get to pick at least a few times for themselves 6) i'm used to tim on Iron Chef so it doesn't bother me. i think that both he and Gail have their 'standard' comments so it's really no difference to me 7)i'm a vegetarian so i'm not sure which i would have liked better. there were pasta salads in both, but a majority of the dishes were meat, so i would have had the congealed mac n cheese or pasta salad.... 8) i did like that stephanie won - she's really a sound chef ya know? we'll see how she evolves. the best chefs are often knocked out early on - remember Trey? 9) i did kind of think that they would kick Zoi off - but i kind of like the idea of seeing her interact with her gf. we'll see what happens. 10)i haven't decided yet. i kind of like the aussie guy but he's a little pretentious at times. i'm not sure how well any of them cook (i mean they are all rockstars but in this competition, someone needs to stand out and i haven't seen it yet)
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