Let's Dish: Top Chef 4.4 — Movie Night
Let's Dish: Top Chef 4.4 — Movie Night

What did you think of last night's Top Chef? I was a little bit disappointed that they were working in pairs instead of as individuals, but I guess that's better than in groups. I also really enjoyed the movie theme and thought that was a fun idea. How about you, what were your fave and least fave parts of the episode? Answer those and my other questions, plus check out a gallery of images from the episode, just


  1. What's with Spike's hats? How many did he bring? How about Nikki, how many do you think she brought?
  2. Whose quickfire techniques were you the most impressed by?
  3. What did you think of Ryan's impersonation of Mark talking about movies? How about his description of A Christmas Story?
  4. Couldn't you imagine Richard making a gumball that tasted like roast beef?
  5. Two words: Andrew Ooompa-loompa.
  6. Were you surprised by how many folks let their team members choose their film?
  7. Which team's food did you want to eat the most?
  8. Do you think the right team won?
  9. Did you think Spike was going to go home instead of Manuel?
  10. And finally, do love Daniel Boulud's accent as much as I do? Did you hear how he said "Morocco"?

Photos courtesy of Bravo