The latest episode of Top Chef had our favorite cheftestants hanging out at Chicago's Soldier Field. There they threw a huge tailgating party for loads of fans and former Bears team members. It was nice to see them finally doing a solo challenge; as much as I loved the group challenges, I was a bit over them. So what did you think? Did you agree with who should've gone home? Tell us what you had to say, plus check out my questions on the episode, just


  1. Don't you think Spike got an awful lot of airtime? I for sure thought this meant he was going home.
  2. I know we left off with a bunch of drama last week, but weren't you already over the whole Dale/Lisa feud?
  3. Were you impressed by Spike running in to the store to grab all the wings?
  4. Did you notice the cheesy porn-like music playing during Mark and Spike's tub scene? Also, what was up with that tub scene?
  5. What did you think of the judge's custom football jerseys?
  6. Whose food did you think looked the best? Do you think Dale deserved the win?
  7. Were you dubious of Ryan's full meal plan? Do you think he should've gone home?
  8. Were you grossed out by Mark's level of hygiene?
  9. Who are you rooting for now?

Photos courtesy of Bravo