Now that the super-sized wedding themed episode of Top Chef is over — hope your TiVo didn't cut it off! — I want to know what you thought of it. Were you excited by the wedding wars? How about the relay? What about all the drama at the end? Let's dish all about it when you


  1. I thought it was interesting that the teams started the last leg of the relay at the same time. Speaking of relay, it was fun to see it again, no?
  2. Are you bummed that there's no restaurant wars? Do you think wedding wars is a good replacement?
  3. If Antonia knew crispy chicken wouldn't work, why'd she let Andrew do it?
  4. I can't imagine cooking for that long. I was tired watching them! Their poor backs and feet!
  5. Did you notice that the bride had two different wedding dresses?
  6. How great was it that Richard ended up splitting his win with Stephanie?
  7. Do you think Nikki deserved to go home?
  8. What did you think of all the Spike-Dale drama at judge's panel?
  9. Which cake would you rather eat? The chocolate groom's cake or the traditional bride's cake?
  10. And finally, the Andrew quote of the week: I'm like Popeye's wet f***ing dream right now.

Photos courtesy of Bravo