Thanks to an article that names the top 25 pizzerias in the United States, the food world has been obsessed with pizza this week. Alan Richman of GQ even believes that pizza is more American than it is Italian. He says,"pizza isn’t as fundamental to Italy as it is to America. Over there, it plays a secondary role to pasta, risotto, and polenta. To be candid, I think they could do without it. Not us. Over here, it’s one of the few foreign foods we’ve embraced wholeheartedly, made entirely our own." I have to agree with him — I think there's some amazing pizza in the US. My favorite kind is the creative, thin-crusted variation they serve at a pizzeria in my hometown. Combine that with a welcoming, European atmosphere and the fact that I normally share the pizza with my closest loved ones, and you've got the best pizza I've ever had.

How about you? What was the best pizza you've ever had and why is it so memorably delicious?