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Let's Dish: What Do You Think of Top Chef 7 so Far?

Let's Dish: What Do You Think of Top Chef 7 so Far?

In a previous life (or at least what feels like one), Thursday mornings used to be Top Chef talk time at the Sugar office. We would hem and haw over which Voltaggio brother made the more appetizing dish, or laugh over Fabio Viviani's unintentional jokes.

But these days, there is no commiserating over the bad judgments that took place on Bravo the night before. Many of the contestants, it seems, are much older and just care to promote their restaurants. The biggest drama of last night had something to do with stolen peas — at least that's what I think. Even Tom and Gail seem a little disinterested. As PartySugar put it: "The best thing about last night's episode was the hot young politician."

I couldn't agree more; in fact, I don't even care who wins this season. Like I said before, I think the show has lost its luster. What do you think of Top Chef: Washington DC so far?

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lilkimbo lilkimbo 6 years
Ru, you really thought you'd just be able to walk in? Every season's restaurant wars has been invite only.
goddessru goddessru 6 years
Gosh, happy to hear I wasn't the only one feeling this way. I, too, was annoyed that they didn't resolve the pea puree thing. I do think the cameras caught it, but the editing decided not to show it. Maybe they'll address it in the after show. But that's about the only thing that's been interesting so far. I also feel like they've been sending the wrong people home, and keeping bad chefs. I agree that this particular group doesn't have much talent. Also, my personal gripe was going to Redwood for restaurant wars and not being able to get in because it was "invite only"- wtf?! How the hell do you get invited?!
elw722 elw722 7 years
This season is definitely a dud. With all previous seasons I made sure I was home to watch it "live" and this season I watch on demand on Saturday. For the first time I am not rooting for anyone. I think the most noticeable difference for me is the way the food is presented in the quickfires now that Lee Anne is no longer working on the show. Definitely went downhill.
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 7 years
I find it hard to believe that production wasn't able to catch on tape what happened to the puree. Either where it went, who stole it, or when Alex allegedly made his own puree.
lady_jade lady_jade 7 years
meh, I think the show is played out. From a production standpoint it's got to be one of the worst shows-the voice overs and cutaways are painfully obvious, as are the character arcs. It's so clear from the way it's edited who is going to be in the bottom or's just not fun anymore. Part of the reason I used to love this show is how invested I would get into the contestants, I couldn't miss an episode. I completely agree about the peas, someone should have spoken up or confronted that pea puree thief!
rb24 rb24 7 years
I think the casting for this season was not good.None of these people are entertaining. Angelo is the most talented and at least fun to watch
idanceinmycar idanceinmycar 7 years
I'm bored with this season as well, and also think that the Voltaggio's could wipe the floor with these contestants this season. I will say that one of the few things I like about this season is when Kenny talks to the camera, his voice is like silk!
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I only really like it because it's filmed in my city (seriously, I think the little shots of different neighborhoods have been some of my favorite parts of certain episodes, so what does that say?). I do ethics work, so I got all giddy about the quick fire last night. But yeah, the cheftestants are mostly boring (or edited to appear that way). And I agree with Party, Aaron Schock was the best thing about last night's episode.
Chelsea25 Chelsea25 7 years
I used to really look forward to the show, now Im just meh, ill watch it later. I did watch this episode and found the stolen pea puree thing really irritating. Why did no one say anything? None of them seem especially gifted or skilled compared to the previous season. Kenny seems good but sort of inconsistent. Angelo is evidently the best on there but he comes across sleazy to me. What was that about Tamesha having a raw passion and him wanting to 'extract' that from her? shudders...
kayepants kayepants 7 years
I'm so bored with it this season. I was really hoping someone would speak up about the peas to get some action.
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