Growing up, there were a few dishes that my dad cooked, and one of them was an item that my mother taught him to make: almond tofu. In retrospect, the quasi-traditional Chinese dessert, which actually contains no tofu, sounds like it came right out of a 1970s recipe book, as it was simply canned fruit syrup, cubes of almond-flavored gelatin, and pieces of canned peaches, pears, and — my favorite — cherries. But back then, whenever Dad made that dish, my heart (and stomach) would do a little dance inside.

As an adult, I crave my father's barbecue: I make a special request for it every time I fly home. (I suppose canned fruit no longer makes my stomach flitter the way it once did.) What special dish requests do you make of your family? Growing up, was there a certain thing that you were always excited to eat?