Several times a week, BellaSugar and I duck out of the office and across the street to Yoppi, our favorite of the three frozen yogurt spots located within a half-block radius of the Sugar office. Part of Yoppi's appeal is that it's self-serve, and one can choose from an endless array of toppings, from cheesecake bites to carob morsels to Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

"I could never imagine putting that on top of my fro-yo," Bella said once, pointing to a rainbow of jelly beans and gummi bear toppings. I agree; my favorite toppings are less saccharine, like berries and granola. Since we all have differing tastes (apparently someone likes jelly beans with frozen yogurt!), tell me: what are your preferred toppers on frozen yogurt?

Source: Flickr User Mr. T in DC