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Let's Dish: What Is Your Quintessential Summer Dinner?

Let's Dish: What Is Your Quintessential Summer Dinner?

The other day a girlfriend sent me an email titled "dinner question." Since I'm the residential foodie among our group of friends, I wasn't surprised to receive such an email. However, I was surprised at her thought provoking question: If you had to think of one quintessential Summer dinner, what would it be? Immediately barbecued ribs and Caprese salad came to mind. Several minutes later visions of succulent pulled pork sandwiches danced in my head and today I can't stop thinking about gourmet burgers and hot dogs with classic potato salad on the side.

While it's hard for me to select one quintessential meal, I've had a lot of fun coming up with possible menus. So in the spirit of dishing, tell me your definitive Summer dinner by leaving a comment below!


hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 9 years
We love using the grill during the summmer. Grilled pizza is our newest favorite. A great side is cut up zucchini & summer squash cooked with EVOO and fresh garlic in a grill bowl. YUM!
magalaya magalaya 9 years
Anything grilled or barbequed! mm!
SugarFreak SugarFreak 9 years
-Lobster and Clambakes! -Anything with corn in it. -Anything that comes off of the grill (even pizza!)
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 9 years
Grilled salmon with corn relish. It's from Cooking Light and it is fantastic. For dessert, some watermelon. Seriously, you can't go wrong with this dinner!
orangek8 orangek8 9 years
Grilled pizza! Eaten outside with red wine.
chiefdishwasher chiefdishwasher 9 years
Home made guacamole and chips...artichoke-jalepeno dip Macaroni Salad Baked beans Grilled corn on the cob Grilled prawns with butter and garlic Grilled whole fillet, sliced thin with chimichurri sauce Home made strawberry ice cream Home made sangria A warm evening on the deck with no mosquitos Friends and family Someone else does the dishes!
SillyGirl SillyGirl 9 years
Starter: Fresh from the garden tomato bruscetta. Entree: Seared Tuna Nicoise Salad paired with a good Rose (Its unexpected and people dont realize they actually like it till they try it in 100 degree heat). Desert: Key Lime Cheesecake with Key Lime Curd, and Drizzled Blackberry Sauce.
CoconutPie CoconutPie 9 years
Seafood (crab, lobster, shrimps), steaks, ribs, corn on the cob, chicken wings, salads (caprese is the best), ice cream, strawberry shortcake,... Yummy!
yogaprincess yogaprincess 9 years
Bruschetta to begin. Flank steak on the grill with grilled red peppers and zucchini. Cold pasta salad. Corn on the cob. Homemade strawberry pie. Yum :)
Swedeybebe Swedeybebe 9 years
ah... it has to be BLTs with baked beans. we ALWAYS had this when it was hot, because we didn't have air conditioning and my mom wouldn't cook anything on the stove and make the heat worse. she would nuke the bacon in the microwave, and she'd throw in a bowl Bush's baked beans. ah, memories!
SublimeChica SublimeChica 9 years
Grilled corn with rubbed with butter and sprayed with hot sauce, clams (raw and steamed) any kind of smoked fish or meats and of course delish home made burgers and sausages. I could go on forever, so I'm going to stop at guacamole and black bean salad. Mmmm....
tsp tsp 9 years
well, like everyone else, anything grilled fits the bill. i also love, love, LOVE a nice fresh greek salad in the summer. nothing is more refreshing for me than cucumber, tomato, and olive with a sprinkle of feta and vinegar. when it's hot outside, that's what does it for's easy, fast, and requires no cooking. to round it out into a meal, maybe add some whole wheat cous cous (topped with the greek salad works well) and a grilled fish seasoned simply with salt, pepper and lemon.
girlrunner girlrunner 9 years
Steamed lobster, corn on the cob, margaritas.
kendallina kendallina 9 years
My mom's chicken salad.
MsMO MsMO 9 years
Here's my list: BBQ Chicken with what ever seasonings/marinades/sauces Tortellini Salad Margaritas Smores Sonic Happy Hour Slushes :P
Cocoangel Cocoangel 9 years
Continuing the grill theme already going here: Grilled chicken breasts + grilled peppers, onions, zucchini to make fajitas Tortillas Simple green salad Something chocolate for dessert, like brownies or black-bottom cupcakes Margaritas & Mike's Hard Lemonades
Liss1 Liss1 9 years
I love Chicken on the BBQ and corn on the cob. soo yummy!
mlen mlen 9 years
mmm yes corn on the cob and other grilled veggies. anything on the grill really- even a nice juicy cheeseburger! potato salad on the side. and ice cream for dessert and lemonade to drink!
LesleyP825 LesleyP825 9 years
Steak tips on the grill, corn on the cob with butter and salt, a big salad, grilled veggies (asparagus, onions, mushrooms) and either beer or margaritas.
niicoollaa niicoollaa 9 years
anything made on the grill coupled with corn on the cob and a cool refreshing salad.
lorioz lorioz 9 years
For me it would be anything off the barbecue, corn on the cob, fresh vegetables and big ripe tomatoes!
shoneyjoe shoneyjoe 9 years
My quintessential summer dinner is one eaten with friends, like my parents often throw. Field greens salad topped with thinly sliced grilled flank steak or grilled shrimp, cheddar, apples, nuts, etc. Roasted vegetables with goat cheese Gazpacho Grilled teriyaki steak tips Cold pesto linguine or pasta salad sans mayonnaise Corn on the cob Sorbet Some sort of boozy lemonade drink. I've posted before about it, but my vote goes for Pimm's.
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