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Let's Dish: What Are Your Wedding Pet Peeves?

Let's Dish: What Are Your Wedding Pet Peeves?

When I chatted weddings with Gail Simmons a couple of weeks ago, she shared her tips for hosting an eco-friendly big day and let me know her wedding pet peeves. "When the wedding doesn't reflect the personality of the couple, that really bugs me." Also on her list: a menu that lacks creativity, and dessert buffets. "Twenty-foot-long tables covered in cakes and desserts — it's so wasteful, people take one slice and don't really need or want more than that."

I agree with Gail to an extent, I've never been a fan of buffets — but not because they're wasteful, because they promote overeating! My biggest pet peeve at a wedding reception, however, is a bad Champagne toast. Oh and running out of alcohol is a big no-no.

How about you? Now's your chance to get them off your chest: what are your wedding pet peeves?


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Daisy-Duke Daisy-Duke 8 years
"Dry" weddings. Not that I'm an alcoholic by any means, but you need a cocktail to loosen everyone up and have a good time. I understand the need to cut back expenses, but don't cut out the alcohol. Please.
cotedazur cotedazur 8 years
People who change their RSVP last minute! One week before my wedding, I had a friend who had RSVP'd "no" email me to say that actually, she and her boyfriend MIGHT be able to come... would the Monday before my Friday wedding be too late to tell me? The hotel was full, the seating plan was finished, I had already sent final numbers to the caterer.... I felt really guilty, but I had to say no. Then, the Monday of the wedding, I had another friend who had RSVP'd "yes" call to say that he actually had decided to leave Friday evening on vacation, so he wouldn't be able to come. Who are these people?!?!
IheartChanel IheartChanel 8 years
My pet peeves are as follows from my own wedding: 1. Guests taking stuff home w/out asking: My hand made table numbers Centerpieces Candles The sash around the covered chair (which I was later charged for, b/c 15 were missing...) 2. People moving when I've seated them somewhere 3. Bringing extra people to the wedding: A couple brought their son, when he was not invited. We decided not to have children at the "adult reception". It was printed on the invitation too. They brought him, and I had to find him a seat. Dinner was around $65 per person, and they gave us a $25 gift. Rude!!! While I have not been to many other weddings, the only thing that has bothered me was being at a dry wedding with no dj. It was...very quiet to say the least.
TikiYabanci TikiYabanci 8 years
Re: Whitney: Tacky as the "dollar dance" may be, it's tradition in many cultures, esp. in my ancestral one, Polish. Offensive? Slightly, but probably more so for the bride who has to put up with such things. Also among my reception pet peeves are cake smashing (classless), non-wedding party members who show up wearing white, and last-minute flake-outs/people who show up yet didn't RSVP.
LouLou12 LouLou12 8 years
carmen2985 - I totally forgot about the cash dance until I saw that, I was the maid of honor in a wedding last nov. and had NO idea she was doing that, and when they did I couldn't stop thinking about how TACKY it was! And they added another song to it, because I guess they didn't feel like they got enough money the first time? "Thanks for the gifts everyone, now pay to dance with me."
javsmav javsmav 8 years
I don't think that's tacky at all, Rancher's Girl. Sounds like it was a wedding that fit your style--and that of the guests. I love the local vegetables & vegan entree option! I'd rather go to a dry daytime wedding than an evening wedding with a cash bar! Honestly some of these comments stressed me out as I'm planning my wedding now. I really want my guests to enjoy themselves!
Rancher'sGirl Rancher'sGirl 8 years
I am probably setting myself up to be labeled "tacky beyond belief" but here is the rundown for my wedding and reception two years ago: Our wedding was on a Saturday at 11 AM, our reception at 12:30 PM. The service was about 45 minutes long, it took 10 minutes max for guests to reach the reception location. While they waited for us to arrive at 12:30, they enjoyed salads made with lots of locally grown vegetables and fruits. Our entress were Santa Maria-style tri-tip and chicken, with a vegan entree option. My mother-in-law (a retired professional baker) baked and decorated our cake. It was delicious and beautiful! Everyone had a great time talking with friends and family they hadn't seen in a while, and the reception was over by 4:30. Why did we have our wedding and reception so early? We live in a ranching/farming area where a lot of our guests had been up since 3 AM tending to chores, and they needed to be home early to take care of evening chores. Also, neither my husband nor I are "night owls", and many of our guests had young children with them. And yes, it was a "dry" wedding. All in all, it was a wedding that didn't leave the bride and groom totally exhausted and stressed, we tried to be considerate of our guests, and two years later, people still talk of it (and US!) positively. :)
carmen2985 carmen2985 8 years
1. Cash bar. 2. Cash dance. Do people these days really not realize just how tacky those things are... seriously!?
ann418 ann418 8 years
I hate the two different cakes idea! We're doing cupcakes for our wedding and our caterer suggested doing a sheet cake also because HE likes having an actual cake at weddings. I understand that it's a good idea to have choice, but a sheet cake? Tacky.
lisabarn lisabarn 8 years
Any wedding that I have seen the couple smash cakes in each others face has ended in divorce. lilren - 2 different cakes, really? that is just wrong!
bbkfk8 bbkfk8 8 years
cake smashing. that's it.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 8 years
lady oh I understand. I've been married and planned my wedding as well. I think consideration is a wonderful thing, and I think it goes both ways. I wouldn't want my guests to be left standing w/out drink or food for an hour while I get pictures taken, and I wouldn't plan an hour of photo taking after my ceremony before the reception (well not if I said reception immediately following anyway). I just know that if I'm a guest at a wedding and I had to stand around while I waited for the newly married couple to arrive, I would do it maturely and with grace. I certainly wouldn't complain about the couple's lack of planning etc. I just think alot of people these days need to grow up a bit and learn to take the high road, not worry about such trivial things.
ladybirda ladybirda 8 years
Kimpossible and others who's pet peeve is guests complaining - I have to disagree. I'm getting married next year and my #1 consideration in everything I've chosen thus far has been my guests' enjoyment and convenience. Some guests have to travel (which means booking flights and hotel rooms) or even just pay for a sitter or get new clothes to wear, not to mention gifts. The least I can do is make sure they're not left starving for an hour while we take pictures, and make sure the food they do get is tasty and hot.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 8 years
I think my biggest wedding pet peeve is ungrateful guests who complain and criticize the wedding, the venue, the couple, the menu etc. If you're going to complain so dang much why did you bother going? Isn't the day supposed to be about celebrating the couple, not celebrating their choice in food, location, alcohol etc.?
caramelqtee75 caramelqtee75 8 years
Cash bar. Everybody should drink for free - we brought gifts!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
1) I cant stand when the couple has no idea what to serve at what time of day, and they just choose the cheapest easiest thing to serve like veggie trays, and cheese. I just went to a wedding where the brides family did that very thing, PLUS they made thier own tiny sandwiches themselves out of white bread and ham salad/cucumbers/and egg salad, they had made them that morning and by wedding time? stale, dry, ick. Plus they made thier own wedding cake and it was from a box and awful. 2) Picking the wrong venue to host the reception, and there isnt enough room, enough tables and chairs. 3)Not having enough food if you do serve a sit down, or buffet style. I went to a wedding once where it was catered and I was at the end of the line and most everything was gone, BUT i noticed that there was plenty BEHIND the servers and when i asked about it they said "the bride and groom want to have leftovers......" so they get to eat later but i dont now?
HonestMuffin HonestMuffin 8 years
I agree Zulkey!! You're invited, the food and drinks are free. Stop crying.
Zulkey Zulkey 8 years
kristyy, I agree--this whole "reflecting the tastes" thing is out of hand. Your 'standard,' 'boring' wedding is expensive and stressful enough as it is--now the couple and their parents have to worry about whether it reflects them enough?
nikkisoda nikkisoda 8 years
20 Dollar Gift!?!?! No. At least $50 then move it up according to how close we are.
kristyy kristyy 8 years
Gail Simmons needs to lighten up. It's not her day! Her pet peeves are things that don't even bother most people. I think she needs to remove that cork. First, a lot of women dream of "princess" weddings where their day is beautiful, magical, blah blah. And they try to do that with the fancy dress, flowers, etc. Do you think little boys dream of one day wearing a tux? So to say the wedding doesn't reflect the couple's style would encompass probably 90% of weddings because most men would prefer something more comfortable but wear a tux/suit because that's what the bride wants. And how many women have that much make-up on or have their hair up in a bun in everyday life? And what is she complaining about menus lacking creativity? If we are all so creative at cooking, why the heck would we have cooks/caterers preparing food for us? Oh yeah, let's seek out the best chef to cater our wedding. That is soooo much more realistic. If anyone is having a dessert buffet, I think that would be the highlight of the wedding for me! All that food and Gail is complaining??? Again, someone needs to loosen up. I'd hate to be her groom. As for my wedding pet peeve, I hate guests who complain. They think they are entitled to things at the event, but they forget that someone has to shell out money for this. They complain when the food is not good or when there's not enough booze. And their contribution? A $20 wedding gift! If they want good food and unlimited booze, then they should go somewhere themselves and pay for it! They forget the meaning of the wedding and just complain.
arrowstraite arrowstraite 8 years
:? umm... what? :D
Anabellatc Anabellatc 8 years
Too many speeches! Do we really need to hear from the father, the mother, the sister, the maid of honor, the grandma, the best man?!? Just have a couple of nice, short speeches and let the party begin!
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