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Say "Hello" to Lindt's Latest Line of Chocolates

Jul 16 2013 - 5:30am

When we received a box filled to the brim with Lindt's new Hello line of chocolates, it was tough to restrain ourselves from tearing each and every bar open — we even highlighted them [1] as a must-have product for July. Somehow, we managed to hold off until we could conduct a proper office-wide taste test, but it was tough. Keep reading to see what our trusty tasters thought of these filled chocolate bars, and find out which was our favorite.

Lindt Hello: Crunchy Nougat

Likened to a Nutella-laced Kit Kat bar by most, this creamy and crunchy option was our favorite of the bunch. Our only complaint? We didn't feel like it lived up to its description. The nougat flavor was nearly nonexistent.

Lindt Hello: Coconut Love

Depending on who you asked from our tasting panel, this coconut-pineapple confection is either utterly lovely and "very tropical [in flavor] without tasting fake," or awful, offensive, and reminiscent of "bad tropical perfume." If you like coconut and white chocolate, then give it a taste; who knows, you may be in the pro camp!

Lindt Hello: Berry Affair

A handful of tasters enjoyed this bar, citing its tart berry yogurt filling and creamy white chocolate as winning points, but most found it too sweet. Likewise, while some appreciated the crunch provided by the berry seeds, many would have preferred it to be smooth throughout.

Lindt Hello: Chocolate Pralines

Essentially smaller, truffle-like versions of a handful of the line's flavors — Caramel Brownie, Crunchy Nougat, and Cookies & Cream — boxed up in giftable packaging, Lindt's Chocolate Pralines received similar critiques as their larger counterparts. That said, some preferred the bar format, as they found the pralines' "cheesy" shapes to be a poor attempt at dressing up a candy bar.

Lindt Hello: Caramel Brownie

Lindt's gooey caramel brownie offering was nearly a hit, thanks to a solid concept — really, how wrong can you go with caramel, chocolate, and brownies? But, like with many of Lindt's other sweets, we wished that this was less sweet and more punched up by a pinch of salt.

Lindt Hello: Strawberry Cheesecake

While we can see where Lindt was going with this flavor — perhaps the brand was trying to capitalize on the popularity of chocolate-covered strawberries [2] — we felt that the combination of the tangy cheesecake filling and milk chocolate was a misstep. Moreover, the milk chocolate was overpowered by the strong, artificial-tasting filling, rather than complementing it, and on a whole it was just too sweet.

Lindt Hello: Cookies & Cream

Don't be fooled by its name. Lindt's take on cookies and cream has little do with Oreos (like most treats of that description), but rather is meant to pay homage to chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. Regardless, most enjoyed the contrast between the creamy chocolate and crunchy filling, as well as its subtle milky flavor. One taster even described it as "cookie dreamy."

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