I love taco trucks. At my old job, there was one I would flock to at any given chance. It seems my taco truck — aka "roach coach" — love puts me in great company. Los Angeles-based food critic Jonathan Gold — the only food critic to have received a Pulitzer Prize — is also a big fan of the taco truck. However unlike myself, who knows where her favorite taco truck is at all times, Gold may now have to hunt down his faves. Starting May 15, the city of Los Angeles is enacting a new law that will prohibit taco trucks from staying in one spot for longer than one hour at a time. The law carries a fine of up to $1,000, or six months in jail. And considering that LA actually jailed a hot dog vendor for breaking one of their new food laws, it wouldn't be a surprise if they set an example by cracking down on a taco truck as well.

So why have they written the new law? The ordinance started due to complaints from other businesses. They claim the taco trucks deliberately choose popular restaurants and park in front of them, causing the restaurants to lose business. While this may be the case for some, I can't imagine it's the case for all. Some of these taco trucks — like Tacos El Galuzo — actually pay rent to the businesses they're parked in front of.

To fight the new law, more than 150 taco truck owners are vowing a "taco resistance" and plan to stay parked exactly where they are. If you're interested in learning more on how you can help visit SaveOurTacoTrucks.org.

Would you save the taco trucks? Or should they pack their tacos and go?