Love at First Bite: Halloween Gift For Vampire-Lovers

It's almost Halloween, and I have a treat for all you vampire-crazed home cooks: it's The Complete Vampire Lover's Cookbook, Love at First Bite ($10). This ghoulishly good paperback is a festive cookbook with over 300 "suckulent" recipes. Although there are no pictures of the dishes, the tome is full of great ideas and delightful inspiration. Read on for more details!

The recipes are very creative; think Bloody Mary Fondue, Chopped to Bits Salad, the Volturi's Italian Baked Fish, and Coffin Cake. Love at First Bite would be very helpful when planning a vampire-themed dinner party!

My favorite thing about the book are the "tasty tidbits," fun facts about vampire folklore ("garlic has a long history of use as a vampire repellent, this herb was employed for centuries around the world") and vampire legends ("Louis de Pointe du lac, is arguably the most tortured vampire ever created. He was so conflicted about taking a human life that he fed on rats and doves to survive"). If you're heading to a bash on All Hallows' Eve, bring this book as a hostess gift.

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