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Holiday Food
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Happy July! Is it just me, or does it feel like time is flying by? While the month of June was all about candy, the month of July is all about another form of dessert: ice cream! Not only is July when ice cream sales peak, but it's also National Ice Cream month. Yum & I will be bringing you lots of ice cream related recipes to help you stay cool, and if you plan on making your own homemade ice cream, I've compiled a few helpful hints. Have a look, just

  • Follow the manufacturer's directions for operating and cleaning your ice cream maker.
  • Chill the ice cream making canister in the freezer and the ice cream mixture in the fridge before churning the ice cream.
  • Use pint size plastic soup containers with lids to store homemade ice cream.
  • The ideal way to eat ice cream is to serve it just after churning. If you prefer super solid ice cream, harden it in the freezer for a few hours first.
  • For the richest, most creamy ice cream, use good quality ingredients with full fat.
  • Since liquors freeze at a lower temperature than other ingredients, add flavorings with alcohol toward the end of the churning process.
  • Don't dump the super salty, ice water on grass, or any other living things, because the salt content could kill it.
  • Store ice cream in the center of the freezer where the temperature is the most consistent. Avoid putting it near any open food containers as it may take on an unwanted flavor.
  • If your ice cream maker has an opening to add chopped ingredients such as fresh fruit or chocolate chips, make sure the pieces are small enough to fit through the hole.
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