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Make Way for Miso!

Turns out that a bowl of delicious miso soup may burn belly fat. Since this is great news and since it's still National Soup Month, I thought I'd pass on this great little recipe. You could always make miso soup with an instant packet (just add water), but a homemade version is going to be a little heartier and taste a lot better. Unfortunately you will need to find miso paste (try Whole Foods or some place like that), but if you can track it down, it'll be worth it. To check out a recipe for vegetable miso soup,

Vegetable Miso Soup
From The Canadian Living Test Kitchen

6 cups (1.5 L) Vegetable stock
6 cups (1.5 L) Water
1/2 cup (125 mL) Medium soybean miso
1 Pkg (12 oz/375 g) extra-firm tofu, cut in 1/4-inch (5 mm) cubes
2 cups (500 mL) Sliced mushrooms
1 Sheet nori (optional)
2 Carrots, sliced
3 cups (750 mL) Broccoli florets

In large saucepan or Dutch oven, bring vegetable stock and water to boil. Dissolve miso in 1/4 cup (50 mL) water; whisk miso mixture into pot.

Stir in cubed tofu and sliced mushrooms; reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for 30 minutes. (Make-ahead: Let cool for 30 minutes; refrigerate in shallow airtight containers for up to 2 days. Reheat to continue with recipe.)


If using nori, cut sheet into 3- x 1/4-inch (8 cm x 5 mm) strips with scissors; add to stock mixture in pot.

Add sliced carrots and broccoli florets; cook for about 5 minutes or until broccoli is tender-crisp.

Nutritional Info:
Per serving: about 105 cal, 8 g pro, 4 g total fat (1 g sat. fat), 11 g carb, 3 g fibre, 0 mg chol, 1,128 mg sodium. % RDI: 9% calcium, 12% iron, 48% vit A, 23% vit C, 14% folate.

Join The Conversation
ALSW ALSW 10 years
I adore miso soup! Not a huge fan of the mushrooms, but the rest of it is perfect for a cold day.
baltimoregal baltimoregal 10 years
I do love miso soup. I heard it's healthy to have for breakfast but can't go quite that far. I'm sure this recipe is much lower-sodium than a lot of the kinds you get at a grocery store, etc., too- since sodium is such a problem with soup. BaltimoreGal
iffermay iffermay 10 years
Awesome! You and Fit sugar are a great combo!
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 10 years
I love miso! Thanks for giving the measurements in metric as well Yum :)
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
Miso soup and edamame are my favorite things to eat before dicing into a few plates of sushi!
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmiso soup is soooooooo good!
lindac lindac 10 years
I love living in Seattle because just about all the markets have an Asian food section and miso is easy to find - as well as Asian markets sprinkled around the city.
littlehippymomma littlehippymomma 10 years
i recently had some instant miso from a japanese market.. it was horrible! i felt like crap a couple hours later. thanks for the recipe, i will be sure to use it! -well-fed hippy alien
JessNess JessNess 10 years
like I said before love love love miso soup!!!! They have miso at ALbertsons (or at least the one where I live they do). You also always go to an asian food market. I love miso soup when I have a head cold because the heat really clears my head
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