We've received a bunch of emails lately about cooking for pets. The news of tainted pet food that sadly killed a bunch of beloved ones, and sickened many more, has gotten everyone clamoring for ways to make treats of their own. I don't actually own any pets (we're still working on asking the landlord to bend her no dogs policy), but can understand why this is a big concern. So to help out, I've rounded up a bunch of (better-educated-than-me) posts and resources to help you on your journey of homemade cuisine for your pets.

However, before you start be sure to check with your veterinarian first. Each animal and species may have different dietary needs.

Five more links (including a bunch of recipes) after the jump, so

  • The folks at The Blog Pound have done a round up of five pet food cookbooks with full reviews.
  • Got a great pet food resource? Let us all know below!