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Nike Women and Nike master trainer Marie Purvis teamed up to develop one of our favorite new fitness products. It’s the Nike Training Club, and it has changed the way women are hitting the gym. NTC is an app that can be downloaded on your iPhone®, iPod Touch®, or iPad® and offers countless goal-oriented workouts with step-by-step guides and how-to tutorials, so you’re guaranteed to maximize your time. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or just feel better in your jeans, it’s designed for you to make yourself whatever you want to be. One of our favorite NTC workouts is the 15-minute Get Focused Ab Burner, targeting just your abdominal muscles. Try combining this routine with 30 minutes of cardio for a full-body workout.

Feeling motivated? Start by downloading the app and doing a workout. You can even upload your workout directly from your phone to Facebook. Tell us what your favorite drill is in the Arm Definer Get Focused workout in the NTC app for a chance to win awesome Nike workout gear, including a Nike Victory Series bra (designed to give you the support you need while you’re hard at work at the gym).

Official Rules

aclearcutsign aclearcutsign 6 years
I like the modified tricep push ups.
GymChick1213 GymChick1213 6 years
Love NTC! my favorite drill in the Arm Definer is the plank rows. They are killer on the arms and core!
Sublime-Queen Sublime-Queen 6 years
I love Nike's innovation here! It's hard to choose, but I really dig the medicine ball push up move.
duckis826 duckis826 6 years
I really like the Gym Genie App better!
aa3rs aa3rs 6 years
My favorite exercise in the series is definitely the sumo squat with press...I love combination workouts that save time and are super effective!
raeraek raeraek 6 years
I love Nike! My favorite exercise is using ankle weights to ton my butt and legs. A good 100 reps a day helps me keep be feeling and looking great. Thanks Sugar and Nike. Can't wait to download the app!
Harshy412 Harshy412 6 years
My favorite exercise is the alternating medicine ball push up. Nothing burns more than this move and I always have to push myself just a little bit more to get through it! But nothing feels better than completing the whole ting without stopping.
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