Last week we introduced you to the gastrosexual, a macho man who enjoys spending time in the kitchen, and today I bring you the predicament of the male vegetarian. While masculinity is often associated with meat-eating, a recent Guardian article by vegetarian Barbara Ellen argues that being a male vegetarian requires more manliness than being a carnivore:

In this hostile, ultra-macho, morally arid climate, to stand up and be counted as a male vegetarian must require cojones of immense size, much bigger balls, in fact, than your average carnivorous wimp, who just goes along with the crowd. So pity him no longer, for it could be that the male vegetarian is suddenly looking kind of sexy again.

I think she makes a good point and it's interesting to note that a man's masculinity goes hand in hand with his eating habits. What do you think about the topic? Are male vegetarians more or less macho than their meat-eating counterparts?