In a "hmmm... surprised this didn't happen sooner" moment, Marilyn Manson will continue to perpetuate his gothic identity by releasing his own line of absinthe called "Mansinthe."

The family-run distillery Matter-Luginbuehl will collaborate with Manson in order to produce thousands of bottles for a worldwide audience. Manson hasn't visited the distillery — which is located in the rural Swiss village of Kallnach — but decided on them after tasting several different absinthes brought by distillery partner Markus Lion.

"The collaboration first arose when Lion asked Manson if he would design a label for one of his absinthe bottles, following a concert by the star in the Swiss city of Basel some two years ago."

The partnership makes sense to me, after all, everything Manson touches seems to turn goth, so I guess it's only appropriate that anything associated with goth turns to Manson. I'm just surprised it didn't happen sooner.

One bottle will be 66.6% proof and will cost 49 Swiss francs (41 dollars, 30 euros) at the distillery's online shop. It initially will not be available in the US (pesky laws!) and most of the exports are for Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Greece and Italy.

What do you guys think of it? Do you think it's a fun idea? Or do you think it's totally tired?

Source: Yahoo News