British retail giant Marks & Spencer has just launched a pink port intended to appeal to women. The wine, which is unimaginatively called Pink Port, is lighter in hue than regular port because it takes a small amount of color from the grape skins. They've decided to test this product out because many folks associate port as a man's drink — much like they wrongly assume whiskey and bourbon are for men only.

I'll admit, I'm drawn to things by their packaging, so I'm sure this would have grabbed my interest. However, unfortunately, according to Guy Woodward, editor of Decanter magazine, the wine's not worth it. He believes it was more like vodka cranberry than port and said:

I suspect they're trying to jump on the rosé bandwagon, but it tastes worryingly close to the alcopop market.

It's a bummer to hear that port marketed towards women is inferior to regular port. Do they think we won't notice if it's bad? What do you guys think? Do you think we even need our own port?