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Match the Nut Shell to the Nut!

Unless you have an adverse reaction to eating nuts, chances are they play a significant role in your regular diet. Nuts are not only satisfying, but they're also a natural source of protein.

To honor the fact that today is National Nut Day, I'm going to see how well you know your nuts. Here's the deal: I'll flash a picture of a nut shell, and I want you to guess which type of nut it is. Are you ready to go nuts? Let's begin!


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What's this shelled nut? Source

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Do you know what these are? Source

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And these? Source

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What about these? Source

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What's inside these shells? Source

Join The Conversation
Sexy-Queen Sexy-Queen 8 years
Love them nuts!...5/5
Tiger_Lily Tiger_Lily 8 years
easy! love nuts! :D
Blackwidowchick Blackwidowchick 8 years
I got the pecan one wrong too. I always thought those were brazils.
LoveSarah LoveSarah 8 years
3/5. Not too bad for some one who doesn't really like nuts. :D
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
whooo 5/5! helps that my family loves nuts. Mmmm pistachios! cinnamon glazed almonds :drool:
bunnychick bunnychick 8 years
5/5...woot! Though I've only seen pecans in shells that are more red than brown and shiny, not the dull dark brown ones in the photo.
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 8 years
Good quiz...I did better than I thought too. Maybe it takes a nut to know nuts :-P
marie-lee marie-lee 8 years
Grr...Pecans got me too but it looks like I wasn't the only one!
corcar86 corcar86 8 years
Oh Pecans how you taunt me...4/5 still not too shabby though :P
marinewifey marinewifey 8 years
I love nuts! Easiest quiz I've ever taken.
CiaoBella2 CiaoBella2 8 years
5/5 Happy Nut Day!
otaku otaku 8 years
5/5 now i want some nuts... yum!
chiefdishwasher chiefdishwasher 8 years
Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't....
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i just got the pecan one wrong - i kind of thought that but guessed something else at the last minute. oh well. at least i know a lot about nuts right?
doogirl doogirl 8 years
Woo-hoo! 5/5!!! My Dad is a walnut farmer, so I'm a little ahead of the game I think!
alikat07 alikat07 8 years
I got everything but pecans... I had never seen those shelled for some reason!
lexichloe lexichloe 8 years
Happy Nut day!
C-Ruth C-Ruth 8 years
wackdoodle wackdoodle 8 years
You just reminded me that i have a jar full of raw mixed nuts at home. Yum!
ualili ualili 8 years
OMG, I got 4/5 and the one I missed were the pecans and I work for a pecan farm! Ugh...I rarely see them in their shells. Let's not tell my boss! ;)
nittanylady nittanylady 8 years
Um, YumSugar... Those hazelnuts weren't in a shell -they just had their skins on and weren't blanched. 5 out of 5! :)
esthersim esthersim 8 years
4/5..dang that macadamian nuts!
Halie Halie 8 years
5 out of 5! I know nuts!
Beth-W-MI Beth-W-MI 8 years
Love your quizzes, but not liking this new format...I'm on dial-up and waiting twice for each question takes a lot(!) of time.
jessie jessie 8 years
got that last one wrong...
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