Although he didn't score the job at Ramsay's up and coming restaurant in LA, Matt — the latest cheftestant to be kicked off of Hell's Kitchen — recently started a position as executive chef of Pizzicato in New Jersey. When I spoke with Matt yesterday he was in good spirits and happily expressed his feelings towards the HK experience. To see what the chef — whose now rooting for Bobby or Jen to win HK — had to say,


PartySugar: How did it feel to be eliminated?
: It felt great! No, seriously I was hoping I would go farther, but I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. I went there to have the experience, to work with Chef Ramsay and that's what I did.

PS: Is Gordon Ramsay really as big of a jerk as he seems?
: I have nothing but respect for Chef Ramsay.

PS: Why did you decide to go on the show in the first place?
: I needed someone else other than my wife yelling at me.

PS: Ramsay was shocked by your interesting flavor combinations, where did you come up with them?
: I've learned a lot from my mentor Chef Keith Mitchell. I learned all about flavors from him. You know I didn't do anything disgusting. I've done that dish after the show and people have liked it. It really is just a raw scallop with a little shaving of white chocolate. A lot of chefs became successful for being adventurous.

PS: Did you prefer working on the all-girl or all-boy team?
: I got along with both teams. One girl on the girl's team — Corey is a manipulative bitch — but you know when it came to the dinner service the girls put everything aside and really worked as a team. I liked Bobby and some of the guys, but the girls were more professional.

PS: How did you feel when everyone started calling you Mattie? Is that a nickname you chose for yourself?
: Ben started it. Ben is not that normal. I liked Ben, but I didn't realize he was a backstabber and was planning on kicking me off. I didn't really mind it [the name Mattie], no not really. My dad called me Mattie when I was little. I get called worst things by my best friend.

Photos courtesy of Fox.