Now that Joe Francis is in jail, the plans for the Girls Gone Wild restaurant are probably on hold. If this leaves you worrying where you'll go for your steak n' legs dinner then fear no more, Maxim Prime is opening in late March. Restauranteur Jeffrey Chodorow — you may remember him from NBC's The Restaurant — has announced plans to open Maxim Prime, a joint venture with Maxim magazine. The restaurant will be located in New York's Gansevoort Hotel and has a scheduled late March opening. Another branch will be located in Atlanta's Glenn Hotel and 13 other locations will open over five years. Chodorow has said that he does not want it to be like Hooters. Instead he has said it will be, "sexy but sophisticated." Unlike traditional steakhouses, the portions will also be smaller and lighter. Chodorow said:

The people who leave here are going to go someplace else — maybe dancing. They're not going to go home and go to bed.

So if you live in the Atlanta or New York areas, be sure to check it out and report back. I want to know what "sexy but sophisticated" is like. I mean they never said it wasn't going to be "sleazy."