If you were already contemplating the fast food chain's new Angus Third Pounder, here's another reason for you to drop in to McDonald's. The company wants you to try its new McCafé coffee drinks so badly that it's offering free McCafé Mocha samples in-store every Monday for the next four weeks.

Beginning July 13, the world's largest fast food chain will implement Mocha Mondays: between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., customers can order a seven-ounce iced mocha or an eight-ounce hot mocha for free. The promotion will take place at participating locations every Monday through Aug. 3.

According to corporate executives, this is one of the largest sampling initiatives the company has ever undertaken, and McDonald's anticipates giving away roughly 10 million McCafé Mochas during the promotion. Will you take advantage with a steaming hot mocha — or the cold version?