Minion-Shaped Potatoes Are the Cutest Damn Thing to Hit McDonald's Menu

Sep 11 2017 - 10:45am

In honor of Despicable Me 3, McDonald's slew of new menu items celebrate the movie's most popular characters. We already freaked out over the Banana Cone [1] (a blue-dyed cone filled with banana-flavored soft serve), and now we can't help but lose our damn minds over the Minion Potatoes that are also being offered. Yes, you read that correctly — Minion-shaped potatoes. And yes, they're as freakin' adorable as you're probably imagining.

These fried potato masterpieces mimic the shape of those yellow gibberish-speaking characters we've come to know and love since the movie franchise began. Unfortunately, it looks like the Minion Potatoes are only available at McDonald's restaurants in Singapore [2], New Zealand [3], Thailand [4], and Australia [5] — darn! For now, we'll just have to settle for adding these to our international McDonald's french fries bucket list [6] — and for squealing with delight at the sight of the photos ahead.

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