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McDonald's Unveils Global Redesign

McDonald's Unveils Global Redesign

Next month, number one fast-food giant McDonald's will unveil a redesign of all its food products around the world. In what the corporation calls "the most comprehensive rollout in the brand's history," all 118 countries with McDonald's restaurants will launch new designs that advertise the chain's high-quality ingredients. The packaging, developed by UK marketing firm Boxer, draws attention to fresh ingredients and preparation: The new Big Mac box includes images of an onion, slices of cheese, a head of lettuce, and a freshly made hamburger, with the words "100 percent beef" and "all-beef patties" inscribed on the box. The containers will hit the US, UK, and Ireland first. Mary Dillon, global chief marketing officer for McDonald's said:

Our new packaging is a fresh way of sharing McDonald's food quality story with our customers. The more people know about our food, the more they'll love it.

What do you think of the new designs? I think they're refreshing, and McDonald's is counting on them to boost its reputation after it will have to break the news to consumers about switching its Double Cheeseburger to a McDouble burger with only one slice of cheese. Do you think the redesign will cast McDonald's in a more health-positive light?


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