A few months ago, I saw a sign outside of a McDonald's that said "Now Serving the McSkillet Burrito." When I read it I had to chuckle a little bit, this was near San Francisco's Mission District, an area known for its burritos. At the time, the McSkillet wasn't nationally available, and I wondered if it was just something that franchise was trying to compete with the local market. I wondered what they tasted like, but wasn't curious enough to go try one.

Well, now I've got a chance to do it for free. And if you're also curious about what the now nationally-available burrito tastes like, you'll be able to do it for free, too. This Thursday and Friday (Feb. 28 and 29) McDonald's is giving away free McSkillet Burritos with purchase of a medium or large drink. They are expecting to give away 1 million burritos each day, but you better remember early, it's available during breakfast hours only.

So will you be headed to McD's for your free McSkillet?